Top Colleges & Universities in Northern Ontario and Their Scholarships

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province. Whether you prefer city life or wide open spaces, it’s got plenty of great colleges and universities to serve that population. Read on to learn more about your post-secondary options in Northern Ontario, and the scholarships available to you if you choose to study there.

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a highly desirable institution with 2 campuses in Ontario. The Orillia campus is their southern location, and the northern location is in scenic Thunder Bay. This hub of northern Ontario has all the features you would expect from Canada including mountains, lakes, sprawling forests, wild animals and city life. Thunder Bay is also located within an hour of the Canadian and US border, as well as just a short drive to the provincial boundary with Manitoba. The university is well known for providing some of the best scholarships for domestic and international students. With a wide array of degree programs as well as student support, it’s a great school choice for any student. 

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Confederation College

Confederation College is a welcoming college with 8 different locations across Northern Ontario. Each of its campuses are in beautiful locations which all showcase the beauty of Ontario. Every campus has a close-knit and experienced community of professors and advisors. Its diverse locations allow students in large or small communities access to exceptional training. There are many diploma programs to choose from, and they also have a state of the art program for aviation students in Thunder Bay. They also offer scholarships and bursaries to a wide array of students, including many geared toward indigenous people.

Algoma University

Algoma University has 3 campuses across Ontario: one in the south area of Brampton, and 2 campuses in northern Ontario located in Timmins and Sault St Marie. Sault St Marie is located on the border of Canada and the United States, which creates an interesting and exciting opportunity for students. Timmins is a smaller but cozy community, as the Algona campus here offers diploma-to-degree programs which are great for student acceleration and extended learners. Algoma offers scholarships and bursaries to students as entrance awards, athletic awards, external awards and also on a financial need basis.

Nipissing University

Nipissing University College is a great school located in North Bay, Ontario. It was founded to address the needs of students in Northern Ontario. They specialize in degree programs for education, arts, science and nursing, but they offer many other undergraduate options. North Bay is a beautiful gateway city to the great wild north of Ontario. It is surrounded by beautiful lake country and vast forests, while still being a large city with all of the amenities of big-city life. Nipissing offers amazing scholarships to students, with 70% of first year students receiving entrance scholarships. Students entering Nipissing University from a previous college program are guaranteed an entrance scholarship.
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Laurentian University

Laurentian University is a highly regarded school located in Sudbury, Ontario. 

The campus is a sprawling, eco-efficient, micro community on the edge of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. The city is an industrial paradise which offers an eye opening insight into the Canadian mining industry and has many scenic areas in the surroundings such as provincial parks, ski hills and hundreds of lakes. They have an incredibly high graduation employment rate and offer great perks for students. They pride themselves on helping students find jobs while they study and offer career fairs every semester. They have many scholarships and bursaries available to top achieving students, as well as special grants available to students who were formerly in the care of the children’s aid society.

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Boreal College

Boreal College is a bilingual post-secondary education provider with campuses across Ontario. Whether you are looking for a Francophone school in south, east, west or northern Ontario, they have you covered. They offer over 80 programs and give out over 1 million dollars in bursaries every school year. They also offer help finding accommodations off campus at most campuses, while in Sudbury they have on-campus residences available to students. These campuses are a great option for any student with French as a first language, or to students who are looking to maintain their second language skills, as Boreal caters to French speakers. They have an excellent scholarship page which outlines all available scholarships and bursaries both internally and externally.

Canadore College

Canadore College is a technical and trade college located in Northern Ontario. It has three dedicated campuses in North Bay as well as one campus in Parry Sound. The North Bay campuses all specialize in different programs and are located in beautiful parts of the city. North Bay is seen as a hub that connects northern and southern Ontario. It is only a few hours’ drive from the city of Toronto, but it’s considered the start of the great Ontario North. It has the perks of both city and country living. 

The college prides itself on sustainability, community connectedness, innovation and entrepreneurship. The student success rate is very high thanks to its tight knit classes and community. They have a great scholarship program which awards over 100 scholarships each year. They also have bursaries and grants based on financial need and emergency support.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is one of only 6 medical schools in Ontario. The majority of the medical schools are in southern or eastern Ontario. NOSM is the only medical school in northern Ontario. Its mission is to improve the healthcare system and standards in northern Ontario and Ontario as a whole. It is a very prestigious school with high standards for its students and their medical prowess. They have implemented many assistance programs for their students such as reimbursements for travel and living expenses, and a potential stipend for the 4th year of school during a clerkship program. 

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Published on August 29, 2023

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