Looking for tutoring and academic support at NU? Look no further! Below you’ll find some extensive services geared towards helping students achieve their academic goals. 

#1: Academic Advising 

As a new student, this is an amazing resource to help you find your program requirements, understand breadth requirements and electives and also guide you through scheduling your courses. They also have first year course recommendations if you’re unsure of what electives to take. You can also connect with an advisor and live chat on MS Teams or connect through email. 

#2: Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 

Many courses at Nipissing have memory aid policies which allow students to use a cueing sheet with facts that they can refer to during tests or exams. These are not cheat sheets and the purpose is to assist memory recall for information already learnt. It only makes sense to the student that created it and must be submitted to the instructor and your accessibility consultant for review before being used. If you’re experiencing issues with online learning that are directly related to your disability, you can work with your professor and accessibility consultant to come up with an appropriate new deadline. This isn’t guaranteed for every course or assignment but the policy is in place. In a course, your absences shouldn’t exceed 20% but for students with disability-related absences, once proper documentation is provided, this can be overlooked. These are assessed on a case by case basis and are not guaranteed. As a student with a disability, you can also request your textbook in a different format and request a notetaker should you need one. 

#3: Peer Tutoring

You’ve probably learned by now that tutoring is super expensive and it can be hard to find the right place for you especially if you’re going to school in a different city. The Nipissing peer tutoring program offers four hour tutoring sessions for $50. All sessions are 1:1, virtual and taught by a tutor that has already successfully taken the course. This is a great way to improve your grade and understanding of course material for a reasonable price. 

#4: Student Learning and Transitions (SLT) 

Get support with your academic writing, reading and skill development along with access to success coaching and math and science workshops. Book a one hour appointment or simply drop in for a fifteen minute consultation. Math workshops help you with taking notes for online learning, tips on how to properly use your textbook and calculator as well as time management techniques. SLT aids students in their transition to university academics by connecting and introducing them to university services and programs. Students will build essential academic skills and study techniques through this initiative and make friends along the way. 

#5: The Academic Success Program 

The great thing about this service is that you can get a personalized academic success plan and get resources on expanding your academic skills that are customized to you. Here, you can also request academic success coaching and referrals to help you succeed in your courses. They also frequently host workshops and webinars to expose students to new studying techniques and in-demand skills to better prepare them as they advance in their years at university. 

#6: The Vocantas Scaller Program 

This is an interactive voice response system that allows students to connect with existing services in order to find the right supports to ensure student success. Students can also request to contact the student retention coordinator to discuss next steps. This program helps the university understand and meet the needs of students who are experiencing difficulties with all aspects of university life ranging from academics to mental health. The benefits are plentiful and allows Nipissing to gauge how effective certain resources are in order to properly allocate funding. The overall goal of this program is to ensure students are getting the support they need to be successful in university. Vocantas Scaller is 100% student centered and if you’re planning on attending Nipissing, this is your fastest way to get connected to the services you need. 

What I love about this school is how focused it is on helping students. NU has services in place to help students who are struggling academic wise. But they also have services that make sure students are getting help before it’s too late! Students also receive a plan that is tailored to their needs and personalized.

Published on August 4, 2022

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