Life After Graduation: Alumni Perks at the University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Canada. Not to mention all of the alumni perks! Graduating from the University of Toronto is an accomplishment to be proud of! Always remember the sweat, the tears, the time, and the tuition money you put into this achievement. Remember all of the friends you made and the good times you had sobbing in the libraries at 3 am celebrating your excellent grade point averages! You can enjoy so many alumni perks as a graduate of the University of Toronto. So check these out as soon as possible!

1) Lifelong Learning

Learning does not stop when university ends. That’s why the University of Toronto wants you to take advantage of their lifelong learning and career development initiatives and programs! The University of Toronto wants to support its students and former students so that they may succeed in their careers and academic success beyond the walls of the university. Connections, supportive resources, and skill-building will be accessible to you as long as you are a University of Toronto alumni and are eager to reach out and participate. Some perks that you’ll qualify for are a discount on a course at the School of Continuing Studies, a discount on Rotman Executive Programs that will provide you with a competitive edge, and free access to LinkedIn Learning courses. There are career coaching discounts, leadership coaching packages, and online advice from fellow alumni on the Ten Thousand Coffees platform.

You can also get an alumni access membership for all of the University of Toronto’s libraries, take free lectures and online courses to boost your credentials, and enter the Next Steps Conferences to find workshops and network yourself. The possibilities are vast, and they demand that you make the most of them!

2) Exclusive Alumni Access

You can enjoy exclusive alumni access and discounts at your favourite fitness centres and entertainment venues (at the University of Toronto)! Recent grads get an awesome discount at Hart House. This includes access to fitness facilities and classes, the library, the art museum, and clubs. Alumni will also be eligible for 30% off of an upcoming theatrical performance at Hart House Theatre, a wonderful experience. Access to the Athletic Centre, Varsity Centre, and Goldring Centre will also be available to you, including the squash courts, weight rooms, pools, and more. Alumni perks also include exclusive discounts on wedding photography and winter weddings. The University of Toronto is a popular venue to take majestic photographs and host magnificent receptions, so why not make the best of it when you tie the knot?

3) Alumni Travel Program

Travel with fellow alumni by using the Alumni Travel Program. This sounds like a very fun way to explore the earth. Whether it be on a safari, trekking through the rainforest, or cruising through international waters. 

4) Preferred Financial Rates

You’ll qualify for preferred finance rates with certain institutions. Not only that, but there exists a special rewards credit card for U of T alumni. A portion of the proceeds from your purchases on that card will go directly to student and alumni initiatives at the University of Toronto. You can also receive good coverage for life insurance, health insurance, and dental insurance. But wait, there is more! Auto and home insurance are also on the list. For specific information on which institutions are involved, as well as insurance and rates offered, visit

5) Discounts!

Get sweet discounts on various attractions and travel necessities in the Greater Toronto Area. There will be discounts on the entry fees for the Royal Ontario Museum, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Ontario Science Centre, and the Ripley’s Aquarium beside the CN Tower. I love to drive, and if you do too, you should check out the discounts on rental vehicle rates with Zipcar, Enterprise and National, because there are some pretty decent deals exclusively for alumni of the University of Toronto. If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, a nice break might be to experience a discounted stay at Mont Tremblant Resort. If you’re travelling elsewhere, there are a few other hotel discounts available. The University of Toronto has your back when it comes to travelling.

6) Healthier Lifestyle

Enjoy discounts on apps that facilitate a healthier self through meditation and mindfulness. There’s even an app that will help you sleep better. A much-needed adjustment towards a healthier lifestyle, and it’s all accessible on your phone! Visit to check the list of available apps at this time.

7) Sporting Events

Cheer on your favourite Toronto sports teams at a discounted rate. This includes hockey games with the Toronto Marlies, basketball games with the Toronto Raptors, and soccer with the Toronto Football Club. They do not offer this pricing for Leafs’ games, as those would not even be worth the discount. Some conditions may apply, such as ticket limits, as well as specific timeframes for the eligible discounts, so always check for updates!

8) University of Toronto Magazine

Ok, this might sound silly, but you also get a complimentary subscription of the University of Toronto Magazine in print and by email. 

9) Alumni Email

You will also receive a special University of Toronto alumni email, which is an extension of your “mail.utoronto” email account. This can be accessed by logging into your email with the same email address you used all those years. If you are having any problems accessing your account, or have questions regarding when it will be upgraded, visit and contact the help desk.

10) Networking and Connections

Connect to great alumni networks, faculty clubs, and experience some fun reunions. You can get a discounted membership at certain clubs within the University of Toronto community. You can join in on the activities you’ve always loved, such as choir clubs, hiking clubs, and more!

Have fun and congratulations on graduating from the University of Toronto. Go enjoy those alumni perks! Looking for more? Read University of Toronto Grads: Find a Job With These Sessions now.

Published on January 7, 2021

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