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Finding jobs, internships, and research positions are great ways to develop your career-related skill sets and establish new connections. The best way to accomplish this is through networking opportunities. Basically, the University of Toronto is a competitive place. Instead of focusing on the competition, place focus on yourself. Work on boosting your self-confidence by prioritizing and planning expectations for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for your first internship or a chance to get your foot in the door. Networking opportunities are important.

Here are events to attend through the amazing outreach at the University of Toronto. Get out there and start marketing yourself! 

1) The University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA)

Firstly, you’re joining an amazing group: the University of Toronto Alumni Association (the UTAA). The UTAA is an integral association of the University of Toronto, promoting the collaboration of alumni in the events and functions of the university at various levels.  This includes vocalizing your ideas on scholarships, governance, events, and more. You will also be able to connect to many historic alumni and seasoned professionals who graduated from the University of Toronto, which is quite a facet of knowledge. Their contributions are amazing, so it’s a wonderful association to be proud to be a part of.

2) Alumni Initiatives and Groups

Secondly, network with University of Toronto students all around the world. This can be done through regional networking with the University of Toronto. Connect with hundreds of countries across the globe and even form your own alumni initiatives and groups. You can stay in touch across vast distances and even form new friendships with like-minded people. Select the country of your choice and then start getting more specific by selecting your specific region. From there, you can connect on LinkedIn or view upcoming alumni events.

3) Faculty, College, and Campus Networks

Thirdly, get into your faculty, college, or campus-specific networks and stay connected to your classmates after graduation. Moreover, connect with older alumni who share their stories and recommendations. Also, you can mentor other alumni, which is a great way to expand your connections with others in your field.

4) Shared Interests

Fourthly, there are shared interest networks alumni, both recent grads and graduates from decades ago! So, attend lectures and discussions with the dynamic community at the University of Toronto and share your ideas with young alumni or exchange information with seasoned alumni.

5) Next Steps Conference

Then attend a Next Steps Conference. Basically, you can be a current student or a recent graduate to participate. It’s a great way to get motivated and inspired to find those networking opportunities! If you don’t know how to approach your career and the transition from school into your field of work, then this would be an excellent conference to attend. You can explore careers, plan your life after graduation, and establish new connections. In addition, many professional guest speakers are invited to these conferences. So you’ll discover opportunities that you didn’t even know you had available to you. It’s also a good place to start if you need some extra encouragement through the stressful times of life after graduation.

6) Online Sessions

Participate in online educational sessions and lectures. For example, “Open Courses” consists of planning, organizational, and evaluation related tools combined with educational and accessible content online. Additionally, you might choose to attend some interesting talks. For more information on getting involved in these online learning sessions, visit their website.

7) Contribute To The Community

Every alumnus should try their best to excel and go above and beyond when it comes to contributing to society and their greater communities. Basically, alumni of the University of Toronto demonstrate exceptional work by dedicating their time to mentoring, creating innovative projects, and launching new programs that promote the growth of the university. Your work could be recognized through awesome alumni awards, such as Arbor Awards, Excellence Awards, and Community Engagement Awards. Your excellent work could even be recognized with honour at the University of Toronto! To discover eligibility requirements or to nominate somebody that you think deserves recognition for their efforts, visit 

8) Shaker

Enjoy a fun opportunity to network and celebrate with alumni of the University of Toronto by attending a Shaker. These events are a great way to reunite with your alumni friends, as well as connect with other professionals in a celebratory setting. Also, refreshments are provided and the venue is a lot of fun.

9) Share Your Story

Share your story as an alumnus of the University of Toronto, so that others may hear it and be inspired to share their own. Everyone has their own beginnings and stories to tell! This also serves as a tribute to your wonderful journeys at the University of Toronto and can leave another message about your legacy. Tell the University of Toronto how you’ve started your own business, how you plan to continue succeeding in the future, how you’ve adapted to life at the University of Toronto, and so much more. They want to listen to you.

10) “Where You Are” Lectures

Lastly, attend a University of Toronto “Where You Are” lecture. These awesome lectures bring professionals to cities all around the world to present and discuss their work! The University of Toronto is truly a global community with an impressive impact. You can also attend some compelling lectures right within your local University of Toronto community, known as “U of T In Your Neighbourhood”. Additionally, discover fascinating research initiatives and breakthroughs occurring right here in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The networking opportunities are endless! Have a great experience as alumni of the University of Toronto. Furthermore, learn about the University of Toronto Alumni Perks and Discounts next!

Published on January 8, 2021

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