A University of Toronto St. George Student’s Guide to Free Food and Events

Being a student is not cheap and being a student in downtown Toronto is definitely not cheap. 

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However, there are student perks. Something that should be fully taken advantage of while being a student lasts. So, here’s your guide to free food and events as a University of Toronto St. George student.


Pancake Wednesdays

Free. Pancakes. Head over to the Cat’s Eye, located on the Victoria College campus, for pancakes as well as coffee and tea from their student-run, fair-trade cafe, Caffiends, every Wednesday this semester between 10 am – 2 pm. You can also head over to Mini Kruger, located on the Woodsworth College campus, for free mini pancakes every Wednesday all through the semester between 10 am – 12 pm. Who doesn’t love free food?

CIE’s Soup & Social

Perfect for the cold weather, the Centre for International Experience regularly hosts a Soup & Social throughout the semester in the Baldwin Room of the Cumberland House to bring together international, exchange and domestic students. Registration is not available yet but tickets must be reserved to attend.  Once registration is available, book here: https://bookit.studentlife.utoronto.ca/Activity.aspx?ID=26f3aa6a-44dc-4a52-b253-1c6184c79d15

Vegan Breakfast

Hosted by the University of Toronto Student’s Union and the Veg Club, head over to the University of Toronto’s Multifaith Centre for a free vegan breakfast on November 29 between 9 – 10 am. 

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Activities & Services 


Besides the University of Toronto’s free food, there are tons of free activities and services to take advantage of. The University of Toronto Student Union’s website is a great resource to find all the free student services that are there to enrich your academic life, support your personal health and well being, and offer advice on your future career trajectory. Services such as the mentorship peer programs, the Ten Thousand Coffees UofT Hub for career questions, and the CV and Personal Statement camp are just three of many free services offered by the school. For a full list and schedule, click here: https://www.utsu.ca/resources/career-centre/

Hart House

The University of Toronto’s Hart House is your place for free drop-in games, activities, and workshops. From craft making to board games to drop-in fitness classes, Hart House offers so much! For a general event list, click here: https://harthouse.ca/learning/.

For a weekly schedule of events, click here: https://harthouse.ca/events/week.

And for the drop-in fitness classes, click here: https://harthouse.ca/fitness/dropin-classes.

University of Toronto Athletic Centre

Forget gym memberships and personal training fees. Take advantage of all the fitness and recreational facilities the University of Toronto Athletic Centre has to offer. The centre has gyms, a fieldhouse, a strength and conditioning centre, squash and table tennis courts, pools, a dance studio, a fencing salle, and a pedal zone all for student use. They also have a huge range of sport and rec programs, many that are drop-in and free! For a full list and schedule of rec and sports programs: https://kpe.utoronto.ca/sports-and-rec

For further details on facilities: https://kpe.utoronto.ca/facilities-memberships

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Media & Entertainment

Media Criterion

Criterion on Demand is available for live streaming for University of Toronto students. All you need is your UTorid login and you can access a wide array of pictures from comedy to horror, to even literary adaptations and everything else in between. 

The Faculty of Music

The Faculty of Music is always hosting musical performances and events that are free for all University of Toronto students. From wind symphonies to voice performances, come watch talented University of Toronto students, faculty, alumni, and even special guests perform. For a full event list and schedule, click here: https://music.utoronto.ca/concerts-events.php

Hart House

Though tickets must be bought for their theatre performances, Hart House has many musical groups whose performances can be seen for free. This includes Hart House’s own orchestra, chorus, symphonic band, chamber strings, jazz choir, and jazz ensemble, as well as singers. For a full event list and schedule, click here: https://harthouse.ca/music-performance.


Lastly, grad students of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics run free AstroTours throughout the year at the McLennan Physical Labs building. Each tour begins with an hour lecture starting at 8 pm in the winter and 9 pm in the summer, followed by a brief Q&A period. Afterward, telescope operators on the 15th and 16th floors guide you in viewing the sky for celestial objects. Additionally, if it’s a clear evening, many planets and nebulae can be seen through the telescopes! For further event details, click here: http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/astrotours/.

Published on January 27, 2020

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