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Which Fleming College services will students benefit from using? We made a list for you!

Fleming College offers a number of support services for its students that range from wellness, tutoring, accessibility, employment, and information technology. So, Fleming College students can find what they need when they need it. This article aims to inform students of these services so they can benefit from utilizing them in order to make healthy, safe, and successful decisions throughout their academic journey.

Information Technology (IT) Services

Whether you require in-person or online support, IT Services can help! 

It’s located in the Learning Commons. There is also an open-access schedule-free computer area. So students have the opportunity to learn from staffed technologists and student tutors. Therefore, all students have a place to work on their assignments, take web-based courses, conduct research, respond to emails, and access the necessary software for their programs. Also, all Fleming College students have access to printers, scanners, and the Fleming Wireless Network (school wifi). 

For immediate online assistance support at Fleming College, contact Onestop

Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre

Do you want to reach your academic potential? Fleming College’s Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre offers student support that is based on an individual’s needs. This includes evaluating study habits, breaking down assignments into workable sections, and seeking guidance on time management. At the Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre, students can book an appointment with:

  • Peer Tutors to better their understanding of course content.
  • Learning Strategies Advisors to develop skills that support their specific learning habits. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this benefit and watch your grades improve! 

Academic Advising

Academic advisors create a friendly and inclusive environment to assist students with a number of academic concerns. For example, you can book an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss referrals, transfer credits, transitioning to college, getting a diploma/degree, and any other issues regarding your academics or future career goals.

Career Services

When you are ready to develop a career plan and conduct a professional job search, Fleming College’s Career Services can be a major resource. They have connections to volunteer opportunities and employment postings that make finding full-time, part-time, and summer employment easier. In addition, Career Services can offer labour market information, job search workshops, website listings, job postings, on-campus job fairs, LinkedIn advising, mock interviews, employment programs, and employer presentations. 

Accessible Education Services

If you require academic accommodations due to a disability, the Accessible Education Services at Fleming College are available to eliminate any barriers that are standing in your way. Find resources and strategies that allow you to make the most of your educational experience. Moreover, these services are confidential and free. To gain access to these services, you must inform the office of a documented medical, psychological, learning, or physical disability that limits your academic abilities. The process continues from there.


Are you searching for solution-oriented counselling services that relate to academic, personal, or disability and accessibility concerns? Well, look no further! Fleming College offers short-term counselling for students who are experiencing issues that interfere with (or might interfere with) their academic success. Contact them to book an appointment.  

Health Services

Fleming College provides confidential healthcare to its students by offering health promotion activities such as Flu Clinics, Health Fairs, and more. Their Health Services also have on-site nursing assessments, part-time physician clinics, counselling, referrals to specialists, and preventative health measures. 

Indigenous Student Services

Fleming College aims to make every student’s transition to a college environment as easy and seamless as possible. Indigenous Student Services provides resources, cultural programming, and counselling. The Indigenous Student Services also strives to nourish their students’ spirits during their educational journey by maintaining a connection to their self, their community, and their culture – the goal is to act as a link to the college and the wider community. 


Fleming College offers many resources for students to take advantage of during their undergraduate and graduate studies. Therefore, benefit from health services, academic guidance, accessibility options, counselling, and career planning that can lead to a successful student experience. For more information, check out Money Matters at Fleming College next!

Published on March 21, 2022

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