The University of Montreal’s Top Student Services

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A large school requires resources to help students manage the daily stresses of post-secondary life and to promote success. Here’s an outline of the University of Montreal’s top student services on campus, so students know what’s out there and can effectively plan their time. 

The International Student Office (BEI)

Firstly, the International Student Office (BEI) is a great resource for international students who are not yet acclimated to the university environment or Quebec Society. Use this service when you first arrive and throughout your studies. There are workshops, conferences, guided visits, and social activities! BEI seeks to effectively welcome and facilitate the integration of international students. 

Student Ambassadors 

One of the best resources in terms of gaining exposure to student experiences. Basically, student ambassadors offer varying perspectives on navigating through one’s studies, getting involved in the community, and being a leader on campus. Turn to student ambassadors for the nitty-gritty of university life, but also for personalized advice. 

Health and Wellness

Moreover, university can be grueling for your well-being. That’s why the University of Montreal offers a comprehensive network of resources to promote health and wellness. On campus, there’s the Centre de santé et de consultation psychologique (CSCP) de l’Université de Montréal. This is present only to university students and personnel. Also, they offer a wide variety of services such as: 

  • Medical consults 
  • Nursery 
  • Nutrition 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Psych consults 
  • Medical laboratory services

Recently, the University of Montreal and its federation of student associations (FAECUM) launched a campaign to raise mental health awareness. The goal is to create an environment where students preach the value of kindness. Through the slogan “Ca va aller” (“it’s going to be all right”), the campaign uses posters, murals, social media, and a website to promote such activities. The Ça va aller website provides students with an extensive list of internal and external student resources (i.e. workshops, social activities, community events)!

Research Units Directory 

Lastly, as Canada’s third most active research university, students have a comprehensive collection of research that’s valuable to their studies. Through the research units directory, students can use personalized keywords to search scholarly and peer-review work. Utilizing this resource appropriately can help you discover key information that you otherwise wouldn’t have found on a google search. I highly recommend learning the intricacies of this simple search engine directory because it’ll do wonders for your educational endeavours!

As you can see, the University of Montreal’s top student services is vast and helpful. For more information, check out 4 Student Clubs and Associations at the University of Montreal next.

Published on March 17, 2022

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