Top Professors At Dalhousie University

Best Psychology and Neuroscience Professors at Dalhousie University 

Dalhousie University consistently ranks within the top ten for best psychology and neuroscience program in Canada and it has the best psychology and neuroscience department in the Atlantic provinces. With the availability of many amazing renowned professors, choosing one to learn from can be difficult. With all the options for professors to learn from, here is a breakdown of some of the best Dalhousie Professors. If you ever have the opportunity to take a course with them, it might be lots of fun. 

Jennifer Stamp 

Dr. Stamp has been teaching at Dalhousie University for many years and is rated very highly. Supported by the many awards and honours she has achieved with the titles of “Professor of the Year” and “excellence award in Teaching”. Having a 4.6/5 rating received on ratemyprofessor. One student even says:

“I’ve never been good with science but Prof. Stamp was EXTREMELY organized and the material was provided in both the reading and mini-review lectures each week. She is clear about what to study for on tests and had engaging discussion board topics! 10/10 recommend!” 

Her research interest is focused on educational strategies for student success with her most recent publication looking at “The Use of Visuals in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education: Recommendations for Educators”. Dr. Stamp also has a YouTube channel where you can check out a song she wrote called Check the Syllabus. Definitely, a professor you should look forward to learning from!

Simon Gadbois

If you have an interest in animal behaviour, animal learning and behavioural biology, you might cross paths with Professor Simon. He has a 4.2 / 5 rating on ratemyprofessor with the most popular tags being caring, hilarious and amazing lectures. It is important to not skip lectures since many students say you will fail if you do. However, why would you skip lectures when the professor is engaging and fun? Dr. Gadbois has a website where he covers everything from what courses he’s going to teach, current research, guest talks and seminars for his lab. 

There is even the opportunity to volunteer with this lab.

Kevin Duffy 

Professor Duffy’s research topics are in the fields of development, neuroscience, vision impairment, cellular mechanisms and neuroplasticity. He has several publications, releasing at least one almost every year since 1998. For this, you can see why he has a 4.5 / 5 rating on ratemyprofessor with many students saying he is “inspiring” and “very intelligent”. With this professor, you will benefit the most if you’re a visual learner since he tends to use diagrams and drawings during lectures. 

Tracy Taylor Helmick 

Dr. Taylor-Helmick’s research focus involves human attention and memory. Her research looks at understanding how attention and memory interact with each other to improve remembering and aid purposeful forgetting. Professor Taylor-Helmick has a 4 / 5 rating on ratemyprofessor with overwhelming student ratings saying she is a kind and caring professor. Some of the highlights from the student ratings are “Very kind prof that wants you to succeed.”, “ I hadn’t taken a neuroscience class in a while but she was right there with me, giving me tips on how to manage the workload.”, “Very engaging and takes her time explaining things so students are not overwhelmed.”

Professor Taylor-Helmick is definitely passionate about what she teaches and cares for her students. This can make such a huge impact when you take a class with a professor who you believe cares for you and is working with your best interest in mind. 

Erin Sparks 

Dr. Sparks earned her PhD in Experimental Psychology from Dalhousie University and now has courses in various topics of psychology. These include developmental psychology, abnormal behaviour, social psychology, language and literacy development, psycholinguistics and experimental social psychology. Odds are any psychology course at Dal has Professor Sparks during at least one-time slot. This is amazing since Professor Sparks has nothing but the BEST reviews. She has a 5/5 rating on ratemyprofessor. Here are some of the comments from students who took her courses: 

“I’m not really a psych person but I took 2 psych classes JUST for her and would take more !!!!”

“Was exactly the prof I needed to learn the content well during the pandemic.”

“Dr. Sparks is super approachable, passionate about what she teaches, and really cares about her students!”. Dalhousie Students can always reach out to Dr. Erin Sparks to know more about her research.

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Published on September 3, 2021

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