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Paying for post-secondary education can be difficult. Do you know about the financial aid at St. Francis Xavier University that can help you out?

Students are often concerned about paying their tuition costs, and understandably so. Obtaining a university degree is not easy or cheap. It requires time, hard work, dedication, and yes, money. Therefore, don’t let a lack of funds stop you from pursuing your passion. As a student here, you can benefit from seeking out financial aid at St. Francis Xavier University! 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some of these facilities and services may not be operating during normal hours. Please contact them ahead of time and be patient. Thank you.

Financial Aid Office 

If you require assistance sorting out a personal financial plan and developing credit management skills, then check out the Financial Aid Office. Normally the office is located in Nicholson Tower, but due to COVID-19, appointments are being conducted online. Book an appointment by emailing:

The Financial Aid Office is available for St. Francis Xavier University students who require information on student loan programs, scholarships, bursaries, etc. Most importantly, students can apply for bursaries, grants, and student loans through the Financial Aid Office. In fact, the Financial Aid Office administers the university’s four bursary programs:

  1. Emergency
  2. Entrance
  3. General
  4. Limited

Bursaries may also be offered through specific programs, and you can learn about those here

Even though St. Francis Xavier University does not have its own financial aid program for students, they can access the Financial Aid Office to apply for government student loans with both Canada and the USA. 

Bursaries and Scholarships

A list of bursaries and scholarships are available to students online through the St. Francis Xavier University website and their Financial Aid Office. However, the school also emails students this information, so you always have access to it. There is a wide variety of bursaries available, so most students are eligible for at least one. Moreover, applying for bursaries are easy. It only requires one application per semester. To learn more about the school’s bursaries (i.e. emergency aid, entrance, general, and limited) visit the St. Francis Xavier University’s website and locate their financial aid information. 

Student Food Resource Centre 

Don’t stress if you find yourself running short on food as a student. Stop by the Student Food Resource Centre to stock up on these resources. This service is located through the back of Mackinnon Hall from Monday – Sunday afternoons. It’s free and confidential to students of St. Francis Xavier University. 

Government Student Loans 

Students must apply to the student loan program in their home province or territory, regardless of where they are attending post-secondary school. This “home” province or territory is the last place the student lived in for at least 12+ months (as a non-post-secondary student). Typically, for most students, this is the same place where one graduates from high school. For student loan contact information based on your “home” province or territory, click here

Sum Up

There is help out there! The financial aid at St. Francis Xavier University assists its students through the student living expenses and tuition costs, so they can continue their studies. Whether you are seeking out information, scholarship and bursary applications, food bank services, or a student loan, there are options available. Do your research to find out which one is best for you.

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Published on March 4, 2021

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