Student Traditions at St. Francis Xavier University

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Do post-secondary schools actually have student traditions? 

Yes! However, they will not force you to participate in them. If they are fun and festive, you may find yourself wanting to partake. Without further ado, here are the student traditions at St. Francis Xavier University that students are raving about.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, some of these traditions may not be encouraged at this time or they have been postponed to a later date when operations return to normal. Thank you. 

“Smile You’re at X” Sign Photo Op

Firstly, at St. Francis Xavier University, there’s a wall with a sign that reads “Smile You’re at X”. It is a tradition for students at St. Francis Xavier University to take a photo in front of this sign. Why? Because it’s a great photo-op and it shows off your school spirit. So why not?

Student Residence Traditions

Secondly, every student residence will have their own traditions. For example, some student residences will require you to give out nicknames to floormates or participate in Pail and Shovel for TNT. The latter involves you gifting your roommate a bucket of awesome things to enjoy. Therefore, ask around and find out what traditions may be happening right where you are living!

Receiving Your X-Ring 

Lastly, the biggest and most popular student traditions are connected to the X-Ring that students receive in their fourth year when they are eligible to graduate. When you are leaving the ceremony (if held in the chapel), you are supposed to knock your shiny new ring on a piece of a pew for good luck. Additionally, there is a superstition that if you wear someone else’s X-Ring on your right ring finger before you earn yours, you will have bad luck. So don’t wear another person’s ring before you receive your own! Most importantly, if you drop your X-Ring into someone’s drink, they MUST chug it. Cheers!

In Conclusion

Every school has its own strange and unique traditions that students embrace. If you are not a fan of the ones your school has, then create your own. Many students have a ritual before an exam or a sports game because they feel like it grants them luck.

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Published on March 3, 2021

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