Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Mental Health Resources

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Your mental health is important, so don’t place it on the back burner to deal with at a later date. Focus on it now.

As a student, sometimes we believe that we don’t need to allocate time for our own wellbeing because there are assignments due, project deadlines to meet, and exams to cram for. However, in order to perform our best, we must dedicate time to our mental health. Memorial University of Newfoundland’s mental health resources are available to help students through any issues they may be facing. Here is a list of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s mental health resources for students.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some of these facilities may not be operating during normal hours. Please contact them ahead of time and be patient. Thank you.

Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC)

The Student Wellness and Counselling Centre provides counselling and wellness support for Memorial University students. This includes health promotion, disease prevention, primary health care, wellness education, and counselling. Individual and group counselling is available as well as mentors. Counselling services are available by walking in or booking an appointment. Additionally, access to the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre is free for students and open to everyone. Their counsellors are known to be incredibly understanding and good advocates for students. They are also easily accessible and never booked solid. So you are sure to get an appointment.

Due to COVID-19, the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre services have moved online. Therefore, services are now virtual, over the phone, and in-person. To learn more, visit their website

MUN Minds

A collection of Memorial University students are trying to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. This extends beyond campus and into the community. MUN Minds promotes projects and resources on campus that relate to mental health and wellness. They also spearhead awareness campaigns, fundraising events, and advocacy to help others develop a progressive understanding of mental health that will encourage others to prioritize their wellbeing. 

Sexual Harassment Office

Sexual assault takes both a mental and physical toll, and it is a criminal offence. If you have been sexually assaulted, the Sexual Harassment Office at Memorial University can assist you. Their first concern is for the health, safety, and security of every member of the university community, as well as on-campus visitors. The goal of the Sexual Harassment Office is to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault through educational means and mitigate the effects of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Most importantly, they work with anyone who has been affected by a past offence. 

Sum Up

We need to take our mental health seriously. No matter what you are currently dealing with, seek out the resources you need. Obtaining help is never something to feel ashamed about. And Memorial University of Newfoundland’s mental health resources are highly regarded among current and past students who have benefited from utilizing these services. 

If you are looking for more information on Memorial University, then explore their Financial Aid Resources next. 

Published on February 19, 2021

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