Best Places for Group Study at the University of Toronto Mississauga

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The UTM Campus offers great places for group study. Especially when other campuses are too crowded. Everything is located within a short walking distance so that you’re never too far away from your next destination. Take a trip aboard the UTM Shuttle Bus from Toronto to UTM the next time you’re seriously looking for a group study space. 

1) Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre

The Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre is a great place to start. This is the central library hub of the UTM campus, spanning several floors. It even includes quiet rooms. The ground floor is the loudest, so your best bet is to get a quiet study room on an upper level. These rooms are surrounded by glass panels and accommodate approximately four people comfortably. If the second floor is busy, try the floors above. As you climb higher, there will be fewer people because of the extra time it takes to get there. Basically, it’s a comfortable library. You might find a seat by the window in a semi-enclosed zone, which is ideal for group study. On the level below the ground floor, you will also find several group study rooms.

2) Communication, Culture, and Technology Building (CCT)

For more places for group study, visit the Communication, Culture, and Technology Building. This is attached to the UTM Library via an interior walkway. Here, you’ll find the CCT Lounge on the second floor, which is a good spot to gather and discuss course content. The lounge is placed in an open concept setting, which guarantees you’ll hear the commotion of people walking through the main floor. Therefore, it may be harder to focus. However, this could also be used as an opportunity to talk as loudly as necessary. On the lower floor of the CCT Building, you can find a table at the Cafe but be mindful of the echo chamber.

3) William G. Davis Building

Find a spot at the William G. Davis Building. Rumour has it that there is an upcoming meeting hub under construction. So, hopefully, before 2021 comes around, there will be a new place for students to officially use for collaborative work. In the meantime, there are a few places for group study in the same building, such as the cafeteria. Grab a tea and bring your notes along. 

4) Innovation Complex Rotunda

The Innovation Complex Rotunda is a decent area to bring your group. Located in the Kaneff Centre for Management and Social Sciences, this place is not even a two-minute walk from the Communication, Culture and Technology Building. While there are no private study rooms in the common areas of the Innovation Complex, find a table and pull up a few chairs. However, the noise levels are what you would expect of a common area. Also, there’s a place to get coffee too!

5) UTM Student Centre

Find a meeting room at the UTM Student Centre. The UTM Student Centre is hard to miss when you’re driving through Inner Circle Drive, as it has a structural awning with a giant circular skylight, defeating the purpose of keeping the rain off of the patio. The Student Centre meeting rooms are spacious and offer the perfect spot to collaborate. Alternatively, try the Student Centre Fireplace Lounge. For more information on how to book a meeting room, contact the UTM Student Centre.

6) The Instructional Centre

The Instructional Centre offers plenty of group space throughout the building. It’s conveniently at the main Shuttle Bus stop on campus and is a 20-second walk from the UTM Library. On the main floor, try to find a spot in the cafeteria or the fireplace lounge. The fireplace lounge has sweet booths and table space with a great view of the central campus. It may get loud during the day though, so keep this in mind.

The Instructional Centre also offers silent areas on the upper levels of the building. Try the Computer Lab, or grab a seat on a big couch by the windows. You’ll notice there are lecture halls and classrooms as well. So if there is a moment after class where you’re permitted to use the space until the next class begins, try to do this as well.

7) MN Building

Visit the MN Building and book a group study room. There are a few options. You could find a space on the second floor facing the fields or facing Outer Circle Drive. MN is also home to over 40 Quiet Study Rooms, which are exclusively for silent study, so if you can maintain a low volume of noise, this could work. There are more study rooms on the third floor as well. If you’re seeking a place to gather and don’t mind the background noise, use the first floor of the MN building. It’s a great place to host a meetup.

8) Deerfield Hall

Furthermore, go to Deerfield Hall and grab a seat at the cafeteria. There are so many tables and booths that can fit around six people. Bring your lunch and buy a coffee. 

9) North or South Athletic Field

In the spring, summer, and autumn, study outside and watch the deer on campus. Find a spot on the green grass beside the North or South Athletic Field and enjoy the sunlight as you study. 

Have a great study session at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Also, if you’re looking for more information, check out Places For Quiet Study at UTM next.

Published on January 6, 2021

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