Best Places for Quiet Study at the University of Toronto Mississauga

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At the beautifully forested campus grounds of UTM, you will find many a peaceful spot to reflect on your stress-inducing course notes. When the downtown campus is overcrowded, consider visiting UTM to find a spot for some quiet study. Here are the best places to study at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

1) UTM Library

Yes, a creative name indeed. It has a generous amount of spots to study. During rush hour, you may have trouble finding a spot on the basement, main floor, and next-level above. But if you are ambitious and take the stairs a few flights higher, you’ll find more seating. No matter the floor, there are quiet study rooms visible through tall glass panels. There are comfortable chairs and sofas, but these become occupied faster because anything beats a plastic chair. There are several individual desk spaces that allow for plug-in and charging, as well as some shoulder to shoulder privacy.

The “silent zone” noise rule is strictly enforced on the UTM Library‘s upper floors. Therefore, it’s the perfect setting to have a peaceful study. If you’re really lucky, you can find a secret spot on a sofa-style seat by the windows. Simply walk past the rows of individual study desks towards the windows, and you will eventually find these secret spots in the corners. (Try the third floor.) If you want a relatively quieter environment, you can grab a taller chair seat by the window on the long tables that overlook the central areas of campus.

2) The UTMSU Fireplace Lounge

Located within the UTM Student Centre facilities, you’d never guess that a lively hub of student activity could also provide a place for peaceful study. Put on headphones and listen to your relaxing Spotify playlist. Spots can get busy at peak times of the day. However, if you’re lucky, you can snag a great seat. You’re also close to the amenities within the Student Centre. So if you’re hungry, grab a snack at the convenience store directly across the main entrance.

3) The Communication, Culture, & Technology Building (CCT)

The CCT offers interesting zones to study upstairs. Depending on which side you enter, you’ll notice that the building connects to the UTM Library via a sheltered corridor with views of the surrounding campus. You will also notice the folding architectural features of the CCT. Climb up the ramp or the staircase and explore the comfortable tables and chairs. Some provide an ottoman to place your books on. It is quieter during the 3 pm – 8 pm timeframe when classes and lunch are ending. Additionally, there are many charging zones for your laptops. Be sure to check out Lounge 1 and Lounge 2.

4) Instructional Centre’s Fireplace Lounge

This place is a hit or miss and there is rarely an in-between when it comes to noise levels. During lunch, you will not have a completely quiet study session here. However, grab a seat any time after 2 pm and it’s significantly less crowded. Sit by the window or find a cozy spot in one of the booths. The lighting is a nice balance between natural and oddly designed overhead fixtures. 

5) Instructional Centre Building

The second and third floors of the Instructional Centre Building are excellent options. There are a few areas on the upper levels that are decently quiet. On the second floor, visit the computer lab or the study rooms within it. There is also a comfortable cushion chair area around the perimeter of the classrooms (in the hallways), where you can have a semi-rooftop view of the neighboring UTM Library and enjoy a cup of tea at a mini table next to you. Facing the tennis courts, you might also find a spot to read. What is not guaranteed, however, is the presence of charging outlets, but at least they’re quieter the further up you go.

6) MN Building

The MN Building (formerly the New North Building) has over 30 quiet study spaces available. These spots are intended to be used as quiet zones, so it’s the perfect place to focus. This building is very clean and comfortable, especially considering how congested the main UTM Library can become. This is a great backup plan if you cannot find a seat at the library. You can charge your phone and have a distraction-free spot all to yourself at the MN Building. The building is quite beautiful as well.

7) Nature

If you want to be in tune with the natural elements surrounding the pathways and Outer Circle Road, sit on a bench or concrete slab outdoors and watch the deer frolicking through the forest. In early spring, observe the families of ducks crossing the street, but don’t stare for too long. Sometimes, these animals are trying to catch a shuttle bus ride to their next exam at UTSG, minding their own business like the rest of us. In the summer, grab a seat at one of the bleachers on the football field when there’s no game on. You can bask in the beautiful sun and catch a glimpse of the nearby creek in the distance.

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Published on January 5, 2021

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