4 Places of Serenity at The University of Toronto St. George Campus

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The University of Toronto St. George Campus is a part of the bustling inner city of Toronto.
The noise of vehicles, countless conversations, and all other sounds of the city permeates through the walls of buildings.
For some, this becomes background noise. However, for others, the congestion and stimuli can ride their last nerves. It is important to find the headspace for tranquil reflection when possible. A place of serenity is a physical location you can visit, which brings you a sense of peaceful restoration and is a spot for reflection. Finding places of serenity can positively impact your mental health.

Here are a few places around St. George campus (in no particular order). They are all nice:

1) The Philosopher’s Walk.

Firstly, this iconic pathway is beautiful in the springtime. The Philosopher’s Walk runs between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Royal Conservatory of Music. From Bloor Street to Hoskin Avenue. Historically, it used to be a ravine but was transformed into a pedestrian walkway. You will find many spots to reflect, including a small “amphitheatre”, which was intended to serve as a zone for discussion and learning beyond the classroom walls. The walkway is a quieter area with notable city green space (several old trees and a big stretch of grass) and is a refreshing spot to study outdoors (weather permitting, of course).

2) John. W. Graham Library & Courtyard (Trinity College Library).

Secondly, while the interior has several cozy reading and reflective spots, be sure to also visit the exterior courtyard garden of this beautiful building. In the spring, summer, and fall, the courtyard is full of life. Have a seat under one of the tall trees and try reflective writing while watching the sunshine through the branches. It is a relaxing experience.

3) The University College Courtyard (University College Quadrant).

Thirdly, this location is among one of the special charms on campus, orderly and impressive. At the University College, you will find the library and chapel, which are both intricate zones for reflection. Outside, in the courtyard, you may notice that it’s a popular area for ceremonies, performances, and photographs throughout the year. It is ideal for autumn study breaks or study sessions. On sunny afternoons, the trees provide excellent shade for the majority of the courtyard, making it a beautiful outdoors reflective zone, especially in the warmer seasons.

4) Hart House and Hart House Circle.

Lastly, the heart of the University of Toronto. Inside Hart House, you will encounter recreational, cultural, and intellectual experiences. You will also find many places to reflect in the common areas. It is wonderful in all seasons and a warm place to go during the winter. So, lounge around and take a seat at one of the picturesque Gothic Revival windows. Also, look outside and admire the campus for its intricate beauty. Reflect on the details you see and take a moment to appreciate them. Those details may be in the architecture; the arches and vaults, the stained glass, and the carvings.

So remember to visit these places of serenity. There is always enough time to reflect amidst the bustle of everyday life.

Published on September 29, 2020

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