Easy Environmental Courses to Take as a University of Toronto Student

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If you are looking for extra courses to take in the field of Environmental Studies and meet your requirements (or boost your grade), look no further. These undergraduate courses are related to topics of the environment, especially if you are not majoring in environmental studies but have a general interest in the field.

1) ENV100 “Introduction to Environmental Studies”

This course is a classic University of Toronto lecture experience, so bring your notebook or laptop as you write talking points. The class often features a guest speaker who is usually an advocate for a cause towards improving the environment. Material includes weekly readings. There is a midterm and final exam, but these are easy as long as you attend class and pay attention. Be prepared to regurgitate themes and ideas for the exam, as well as draw connections and informed conclusions. The professor is a great speaker and will keep you interested in the content.

2) ENV200 “Assessing Global Change: Science and the Environment”

This class, in my experience, was easy to complete during the summer: three written assignments, a midterm, and a final exam. Be sure to check whether this information changed if you are taking this course in the fall or winter semester. There are tutorial sessions with mandatory attendance, but the topics are easy, such as how certain ingredients in everyday products can be harmful to humans and the environment. Check the syllabus for more information.

3) EEB208 “Ecosystems and the Human Footprint”

This course explores terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, their functions, and how they are affected by human activity. The midterms and exams are not cumulative. Additionally, there’s no textbooks required. The majority of exams are multiple-choice. Keep in mind, this course relates to environmental concerns but is not listed on the environment website. It is all memory so pay attention and you will do just fine.

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Published on February 21, 2020

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