International Student Assistance & Scholarships at Georgian College

International Students coming to Canada for their studies have so much to look forward to during their time here, and there is a ton of help and support for them along the way. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not an incredibly daunting journey to begin! When it comes to accessing support and finding the right assistance and funding for your specific needs, there is so much information to sift through to find the right tips for you. 

Georgian College in Ontario, Canada is a great choice for international students who are looking for just the right mix of fun and support along the way.

International Students At Georgian College

Georgian College has 8 campuses across Ontario, all of which specialize in different programs. There is a dedicated International Student Centre at the Barrie, Ontario campus which offers lots of services and guidance to international students from all over the world. The Segal International Centre boasts itself as an international student’s ‘home away from home’ and is proud to offer as much help as possible to students in need. 

Throughout the school year the Segal International Centre hosts events on campus to help bring people together and educate staff and students on the diverse cultures that are abundant around us. All other campuses of Georgian College also host culture days throughout the year as well. 

Another great offering by the international centres at Georgian is their programs which offer help and support to newcomers to Canada who are entering the workforce. They regularly put on webinars and events to introduce new students to the cultural norms of Canada and what they can expect in school as well as in the workplace. It is a great opportunity for international students to get a feel for what the social environment will be in their regular activities in Canada going forward. 

In recent years they have also introduced education abroad projects open to domestic and international students. These projects allow students to go to other diverse cultures overseas to experience new things and learn from our international partners. 

Campus Life

All international students are welcomed by an optional orientation week which allows students to explore the campus and get familiar with their surroundings prior to starting classes. Orientation week also has great activities and prizes as well as opportunities to meet other students and build connections. 

On campus you will find all your student needs met. Meal plans are offered as well as on campus/off campus housing. Each campus has a fitness centre, and the Barrie campus even has a rock climbing wall. The Segal International Centre can also help you with your search for housing if you wish to find accommodation outside the college’s connections. The surrounding city area has tons of apartments and homestay options for international students. 
The Georgian College Students Association offers regular workshops and information sessions relating to student life, finding jobs, city information and more. They also have the opportunity for student elections and encourage international students to run for office in the GCSA.

Scholarships and Awards

Looking for International Student Scholarships? Well, you’re in luck if you’re a future or current student of Georgian College. There are many scholarships offered for students, both exclusive to international students or available to all students of Georgian College. 

International Exclusive Scholarships and Bursaries

Georgian College is well known for their amazing commitment to helping their international students afford to stay in Canada. One of their most meaningful bursaries is the International Bursary for Political Unrest which helps students from struggling countries either financially or politically. The Bursary is applied directly to student fees for the students’ current or future semesters. 

The International Georgian College Bursary is another great opportunity for students to apply for. It helps any international student of Georgian College who demonstrates a financial need. There is also the International Emergency Bursary for students who are facing a demonstrated financial crisis. 

They also have other bursaries available for students who need new technology to start their program or who travel farther than 30km one way to get to school every day. The Georgian College Student Association also offers an international student leadership bursary for students who participate and contribute to campus life and school leadership. 

Georgian College has a dedicated scholarship application page which allows you to complete a single application that will be screened against all available scholarship opportunities. This saves precious time and stress, since we all know that applications can be very time-consuming!

All Student Scholarships

The Georgian College Student Association has a handful of scholarships and awards that it gives out each year. The top scholarship is the Student Leadership Award which goes to students who have a proven record of being included in campus life and school leadership. The GCSA also offers Appreciation Awards and the Changemaking Mini-Grants Program.

The scholarship opportunities for Georgian College are truly too many to list, and there are pages of information on them to browse through the application page. While some are strictly for domestic students, there are tons to be won for international students as well!

ESL Programs

Georgian College offers both English as a Second Language (ESL) courses as well as English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses to new and international students. The ESL courses focus on general English skills and preparing students for social conversation. It is a great program for new learners as well as students looking to make new connections in Canada. The ESL courses range from level 1 – 4 and are non credit courses aimed at general English learning. 

The EAP programs focus on preparing students to engage in the world of post-secondary schooling in an English setting. It is a full credit worthy course load and is very intensive. After completing the first 4 levels of the EAP program you can move onto levels 5 through 8 which is for more advanced learners who already have an intermediate level of English knowledge. If you succeed in levels 5 through 8 you can be presented with a certificate of General Arts and Science in English for Academic Purposes. 

For students with an intermediate level of English learning already under their belt and who are going into scientific studies, there is also the option for short term English courses for scientific purposes. 

So Why Georgian?

Georgian College is a clear front runner in terms of providing international student support. They pride themselves on their investment in diverse learning and cooperation. Whether you are looking for a place to meet new friends, have cultural experiences, get a great diploma, obtain a student scholarship or bursary or increase your English language skills, Georgian College offers it all. Check out Georgian College today and see what they have to offer!

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Published on August 21, 2023

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