Bird Courses At The University Of Manitoba

Looking for some easy-ish courses to take at the University of Manitoba? Consider some of these to boost your GPA average and to try something new.

Most undergrad programs at the University of Manitoba will give you the freedom to explore and experiment with some elective courses. You may choose courses that are relevant and beneficial to your program, or you may take something totally different. It’s up to you!

Either way, here are some courses where you may just get an A.

Introduction to Sociology: SOC 1000

This is a popular one for many reasons, a big one being that it’s a 6 credit 1-hour course so an A in the class is weighted as 2 A’s. Double whammy!

It’s spread out over both the fall and winter semesters leading to a workload that is flexible around your other courses. What makes this course easy besides the light workload is the fact that there are no mid-terms or finals. While every professor may be different in how they administer the course, a general rule of thumb is that you will have 4 tests and one assignment. The assignment is assigned at the beginning of the year and due at the end. This gives you ample time to do the coursework and doesn’t add any stress to your current course load. The tests are also all multiple choice.

Introduction to Psychology: PSYC 1200

Similar to SOC 1000 this is a 6 credit hour course spread out over the fall and winter semester. Also popular with multiple sections, I actually recommend this course over SOC 1200 if you can’t do both. With 6 multiple-choice tests and no mid-term, final, or assignments the course workload is very light. A benefit is you get free marks simply for participating in graduate study psychology experiments. Another note is that class attendance is not required, everything can be done at your own pace either learning from the textbook or posted lecture slides.

Behavior Modification Principles: PSYC 2440

Another psychology class.

It is often referred to as B-Mod around campus and it is by far the easiest class at the U of M. If I could recommend one class for someone to get an A+ in, it’s this. You would have to actively try to mess up to get a mark lower than B. What makes this course so easy? It’s the fact they give you all the answers. There are no classes all you need is a textbook. This is one of the most popular courses at the U of M so it shouldn’t be hard to rent or borrow the textbook from someone who has completed the course.

You will be assigned 4 assignments for the semester. The assignments consist of approximately 20-30 questions each, your task is to then go through the textbook to find where the questions are answered. Obviously, the point of this method of teaching is that you read the whole textbook and learn answers to these questions, but skimming the paragraphs will do just fine in finding the answers. The final is slightly trickier, although it still will be the easiest final exam you’ll ever take. A possibility of 70 final exam questions is given to you at the start of the semester. Approximately 12 of the questions will be on the final. Like the assignments, all the answers are found within the textbook.

There are a couple of ways to go about this course. Here is my ideal strategy. Do all 4 assignments first week of school when all your other courses are just getting started. Each assignment should only take about 6 hours of work. Once you’ve completed all 4 assignments, answer all the exam questions and keep them in a word document. Basically, you’ve now just completed a 3 credit hour course in less than 48 hours of work and have 100% in the course if you copied and pasted the answers from the textbook correctly.

You won’t have to worry about this course all semester now until the final, but because you already have all the final exam answers it’s just a matter of memorizing them the day before the exam. A little tip here, while memorizing 70 answers seems overwhelming, you can dismiss about half the questions due to them being one-word answers. The 12 questions on the final will be ones that had longer answers. The second tip is to use cue cards, in the end, you should only need to study for ~8 hours to ace the final.

Perspective on the Universe: PHYS 1830

While this is listed as a physics course it definitely isn’t as hard as one.

This is an astronomy course where if you can name all planets of our solar system then you at least get a B. Light course work with many of the questions on the final coming from practice exams given to you before the exam. The unfortunate part of this course is that class attendance is required… due to the fact that easy iClicker questions are asked during class and it makes up 25% of your grade. So simply by showing up, you’re guaranteed 25% of your mark.


Published on October 25, 2021

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