Briercrest College and Seminary: Top Clubs and Student Resources

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Two of the best things about getting a post-secondary education at a smaller college are the tight-knit campus communities and the lifelong friendships that can be created during your time at school.

Since Briercrest College and Seminary is located in the rural town of Caronport, not only is the campus community very tight-knit, but the community as a whole is tight-knit and supportive of Briercrest students and student activities. Therefore, we created a guide to help you get started. Find the best Briercrest student resources and the best student clubs, activities, organizations, and volunteer opportunities!

Caronport Recreation Board

Firstly, the Caronport Recreation Board is a non-profit organization that organizes community-based sports, recreational, and cultural programs throughout the year for residents of all ages from Caronport and the surrounding area. From the Caronport Skating Club to the 5K Run Club, the Caronport Recreation Board is always doing something fun!

Briercrest Athletics

If you’re into sports, Briercrest Athletics is a great place to help you keep active, foster teamwork, and meet new people! Briercrest Athletics has its own hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball teams as well as Briercrest Track and Field Varsity and Junior teams. The Barkman Arena not only hosts fitness classes and intramural leagues but is also home to the Briercrest Hockey Teams.


YouthQuake is Saskatchewan’s largest annual Christian youth retreat! During YouthQuake, youth from across Canada get together at Briercrest for a weekend of brilliant light shows, live music from a variety of faith-based genres, tons of wildly fun activities, and most importantly, amazing preaching and learning. The school expects Briercrest College students to help volunteer for portions of YouthQuake.

Music and Arts Clubs

Do you have an interest in music, art, theatre, or creative technology? Well, there are many Music and Art Clubs at Briercrest! Not only does Briercrest College and seminary offer a variety of clubs, but there are also private music lessons in piano, drums, violin, voice, guitar, and many other instruments offered.

Student Government

The Briercrest Student Government plans numerous events specifically for students throughout the year. These events range from fun activities, service opportunities, worship events, and academic events. All student government activities provide an opportunity for students to grow in their faith and to become integrated as a part of Briercrest’s community.  

The Point

The Point is a service centre located on the Trans-Canada Highway and owned by Briercrest College and Seminary. There are no tobacco products, or any other items prohibited by Briercrest, available for purchase there. The Point includes a Husky gas station, a convenience store with a decent selection of grocery items, a Subway restaurant (student meal plan flex dollars can be used here!), and a coffee shop.

Archibald Library

This gorgeous 25,000 square foot library is the go-to study spot on Briercrest campus! This research library is great for studying. Moreover, there are physical and online resources for students to explore.

Hildebrand Chapel

The Hildebrand Chapel is a prairie landmark that facilitates community-wide chapels, Sunday services, Youth Quake, and many other Briercrest campus events. With the ability to seat over 2,000 people for service, the Hildebrand Chapel is the largest chapel in Saskatchewan. Also, a daily chapel for all students is here. 


Also, the Briercrest College and Seminary campus is home to a variety of useful student facilities. From multiple dining options to a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, Briercrest does its best to ensure students have a comfortable time during their post-secondary education. Some notable facilities include the relaxing Crossroads Café, the lively Dining Hall, The Den, and the Fitness Centre.

The Indigenous Student Centre

The Indigenous Student Centre is where Indigenous students stay connected to their Indigenous culture while also remaining devoted to their Christian faith. Also, the Indigenous Student Centre hosts an Indigenous Awareness Week each year.

Explore Briercrest

One of the best ways to prepare for life at the Briercrest College and Seminary campus is by exploring Briercrest by using the online virtual map: Explore Briercrest! This interactive map allows students to navigate the campus buildings.

Briercrest Blog

The Briercrest Blog is a wonderful way for students, parents, and alumni to connect with the Briercrest campus and community. They update it regularly. In addition, articles are written by current and previous Briercrest students, and Briercrest staff.

Briercrest Counselling Centre

The Briercrest Counselling Centre located on the Briercrest College campus in the Student Development Office in Room 137E. Students can book appointments online or in-person. Additionally, costs are subsidized for students. The Counselling Centre offers individual, couple, and family counselling. You can pay for counselling sessions online.

Academic Resource Centre/Student Success Centre

Moreover, the Academic Resource Centre at Briercrest College and Seminary is a great place for students to find helpful information on research paper writing guides, tutor appointment booking, academic coaching, writing support, and information on academic accommodations. The centre is located in L225 in the Archibald Library. 

New College Students

Lastly, Briercrest College and Seminary has a very helpful online guide for all New College Students. This webpage provides links, answers to FAQs, and additional information about student life, academic life, and important contacts that students may need.

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Published on October 7, 2021

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