Top 3 Job Opportunities Around UFV

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Employment opportunities are getting increasingly hard to come by, especially for an entry-level position or one that can be flexible for a bust student. Another important aspect that students usually would like to have is that it’s related to their studies or at the very least paid fairly. In any event, there are plenty of job opportunities for students (both international and domestic) around Abbotsford. Here are the top 3 job opportunities that you should look into while studying at UFV.

Work study

UFV ensures that students get the most practical education in their respective programs, making finding a work study relatively easy. To be applicable for work study, you’ll need to be enrolled in at least 3 classes in a given semester. You’ll have to maintain a very forgiving 2.0 GPA. Furthermore, each work study position provides students with a generous 120 of work and a maximum of 40 hours a week. Each work-study position provides for 120 hours of work per semester. The number of hours you work a week may vary depending on the position but cannot exceed 40 hours. All work study positions are considered entry-level roles between research and service. Payment is alright as all work study positions are above minimum wage on top of vacation pay. So in all, there is no downside to applying and working in a work study. You’ll get the benefits of maki0ng connections, working in a job that’s related to your degree, and you get a decent payment for it


Another great alternative to a work study is getting a co-op. Co-ops allow you to work with a real company. Usually, when you graduate, you may be able to find employment with them. However, co-ops are very competitive; you’ll need to maintain a reasonable GPA of 2.67 for bachelor programs (2.33 for diplomas) as well as taking the necessary courses and workshops before getting into a co-op. Once you’re in, your choices are relatively locked to your degree, and jobs/placements vary as well. However, no co-op will take you abroad and will usually take place in the lower mainland. All programs are eligible for a co-op but only the main programs like kinesiology, computer sciences, agriculture, maths, and engineering programs have the most variety due to their necessity to the world. Nevertheless, co-ops are a sure-fire way of telling future employers that you are capable, willing, and aware of real-life jobs. If you do end up getting a co-op, you’ll stand out amongst the rest of the crowd during any hiring process.

McCallum Junction

Lastly, for students that just want to get by or do not necessarily care about where they work, applying for a job at McCallum Junction may be the best place. In terms of convenience, travel time, and even safety, you’ll find no better place in Abbotsford. McCallum Junction is a strip mall located across Highway 11 and has plenty of retail/restaurants for employment opportunities. The most notable places to work are a Starbucks, Visions Electronics, Cabela’s Abbotsford, and a Brown’s Socialhouse. You can take the Pedestrian bridge on Salton Road to get to the mall if you want to walk. It will take you directly to McCallum Junction. These jobs are mostly minimum wage, but you won’t have to apply too much brainpower on the plus side. At the same time, you work, and it’s a good opportunity to mingle with local residents or even make new friends through work buddies or through customers.

Employment opportunities are hard to come by. At the very least, you should always be considering how you should be presenting yourself to your peers. Who knows, maybe someday they can hook you up with an opportunity of a lifetime.

Published on September 12, 2021

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