Ryerson Buildings to Secure and Avoid Classes In

Ryerson operates over 40 buildings in downtown Toronto which means constantly meeting new building names while choosing your courses for the upcoming semesters. Now, as a fellow Ryerson student, it’s no secret that some buildings have a bad reputation–some worse than others. There are a few buildings that a lot of students dread having classes in and some that we can settle with or we love. I’m here to break down some of Ryerson’s popular buildings and why they may or may not have a bad stigma with it. 

Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)

I’ve decided to start it off with a pretty good building to have classes in. TRSM holds both large auditoria-sized lectures and classroom-style lectures accommodating around 200 students. Their Auditoria Lecture Classrooms hold hundreds of students. It pretty huge, there are usually 2 exits in the front and 1 in the back. The professor speaks into a microphone that is projected in the speakers around the auditorium. Seating-wise, a miniature desk pulls out from the side of each seat like an armrest where you can place your laptop or notebooks on. The seats are relatively comfy as they have to cushion, but after sitting there for almost 3 hours, you’d probably forget there was a cushion there. There are also multiple computer rooms for TRSM students to have their labs. Regardless of the classrooms, the building itself has tables and couches almost everywhere for students to study or relax. Students also have the option of walking the stair or riding the escalators or elevators to each floor. What I personally find the best thing about the TRSM building is the fact that it is connected to the Eaton Centre. You can go from your classes straight into a shopping centre. Not only do you now have easy access to shopping, but the long hallway also leads to the entrance of the TTC subway station in the Eaton Centre. So, when I’m totally exhausted after my 3-hour lecture, I go straight home from there. Now, these might not be extremely great qualities, but it’s not as bad as the ones for other buildings.

Victoria Building (VIC)

Now, this is a building that I try to avoid unless there is no other option or I have a friend I can walk with. The Victoria building is infamous for the amount of random (and scary) people loitering here during early morning and late-night classes. Now I personally have never had a bad encounter here, however, I’ve had a friend come straight out of class here and recite a story about how she was grabbed and yelled at by one of these people. If you don’t have her luck though, you would usually be fine going to class here. Just avoid the random people here and go straight to class, I will say though, the interior of this building is pretty depressing since it’s mostly plastered in grey colours. I do, however, appreciate the Tim Hortons conveniently located across the street. You can quickly grab a cup of coffee or snack and head straight to class! All the classes are small, however, so if you’re professor or TA doesn’t let you eat in class, there’s no hiding it!

Kerr Hall (KHN, KHE, KHS, KHW)

The fact that the areas in this building are categorized by north, east, south, and west says it all. It is super confusing! As you’re walking down the hall looking for your class, sometimes the room numbers do not change consecutively. Sometimes you would go up and down the stairs only to find your 100 off from your actual room number. It isn’t terribly bad though. After a few weeks, you’ll memorize where your class is. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff there how to get to a certain room. Furthermore, if you’re picky about how a classroom looks, then this might not be the building for you. The building itself is designed to look like a high school, it does not give the college vibe at all.

Yonge-Dundas Square (DSQ)

The DSQ consists of having lectures in the Yonge-Dundas Cineplex theatres. The theatres during weekdays are usually emptier so Cineplex partnered with Ryerson to host their large lectures there. Now, student’s feedback in having classes here are mixed reviews. For me personally, this is probably one of my favourite places to have classes in. Sitting in the movie theatre is extremely comfy especially if you have an aisle seat or an empty seat beside you. During the first few weeks of lectures, it’s usually super crowded, but after a while, some people leave or skip the class (either way just arrive early to secure a good seat). Now that seating is established, my favourite FAVOURITE part about having class here is… Being able to eat popcorn during class. Yes. I buy that expensive movie popcorn and enjoy a good snack during lectures. I love it, I do. I will admit the downsides of having classes in here is how uncomfortable it is to write or type up notes on your lap or that cheap plastic cup holder tray (especially for people who aren’t right-handed). You also might want to avoid the front seats too unless you want to look up at that movie screen for hours. In the end, with all honesty, the fact that I get to eat popcorn and sit in a comfy reclinable chair makes up for all the struggles in having classes here.


Ultimately, whether a classroom atmosphere is excellent or terrible is a matter of personal taste. Hopefully, my experiences will offer you a rough understanding of some of the perspectives on the buildings mentioned, as well as some of the things you can expect while attending these classes for the first time. Remember to ask for help if you’re ever lost, and most importantly, have some good old Cineplex popcorn.

Published on September 10, 2021

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