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Are you having trouble in class and need extra lessons in addition to the professor-led lectures? If so, there are extra services out there for students like you who prefer those extra explanations. There are two tutoring services that are specific to Schulich students and are actually owned and ran by upper year Schulich students so they know exactly what you are going through.

Jumpstart Academy

This is a very well known Schulich tutoring service that a lot of students know about because Jumpstart was able to help over 1000 Schulich students. Jumpstart specifically targets courses in first and second year that tend to have lower class averages, and these courses include: MGMT 1050, ACTG 2011, ACTG 2020, MGMT 2050, and OMIS 2010. All these courses tend to have students that are struggling to grasp the concepts in class and require that extra help outside of lecture hours. Jumpstart equips upper year students who have aced these classes to explain these concepts to you either in a 1-on-1 session or small group sessions so it is much smaller than the classroom size during lectures, meaning you get to ask more questions. Jumpstart operates frequently as they run weekly classes for students to attend. Depending on the course you are interested in getting extra help on, prices range from $70 to $85.


Tuder is also a Schulich-ran tutoring service where upper year students who aced first and second year classes help those incoming students ace their class as well. With Tuder, making an account and talking with tutors are free. Those tutors that are marked as “Verified” have been confirmed to have aced their classes so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing! With your free account, you can contact any tutor you would like and some even offer free services. Even if they do not offer completely free services, you can still message them and ask them for quick advice and they are likely to be more than happy to help! There are more course options as well, such as Finance which Jumpstart did not offer so if you need help with finance, Tuder is available to you. In terms of paid services, the pricing completely depends on the tutor and what they charge so you can look around to see what price works for you best.

Top Schulich Student Resources & Services You Need to Know About

Have you ever felt lost at school and confused? Schulich offers many free services for students to use and they are actually very helpful, whether it be for trying to get a job or just trying to settle into school. 

Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre at Schulich is actually one of the perks of going to Schulich as they provide a lot of aid in helping you apply for jobs or just figuring out what you want to do. They have career advising sessions where you can talk 1-on-1 with their career advising professionals if you have any concerns on your future career aspirations or just do not know what to do. They can help provide advice on the different kinds of specializations you can do, depending on your interests. They also send regular emails out with different job opportunities available at that time so make sure you are checking them because they are great opportunities and regularly updated. They also provide resume and cover letter workshops so if you need help on perfecting those job applications, the workshops would be great sessions for you to attend. 

International Student Services

Since Schulich partners with over 60 exchange schools around the world, there are actually lots of international students at Schulich. So if you are an international student who wants to study at Schulich but is scared about the huge change, Schulich has International Student Services to help you out. They assist students from the early stages of settling into Canada all the way to helping students know how to get work permits. They also have a service called English Language Peer Support (ELPS) where they work with international students 1-on-1 to help students write their assignments and papers in English. ELPS will provide feedback to the students on spelling, grammar, and clarity if students are not fluent in the English language. 

Office Hours

Most professors at Schulich offer office hours outside of class time for the sole purpose of helping you better grasp concepts that were taught in class. Professors say that they usually receive the most students visiting when it is closer to midterms or assignment due dates but it is actually beneficial to visit earlier. This is so that you can understand the concepts earlier on and progress in the class better. These office hours are free so take full advantage of them, especially if you want to better understand what the professor is expecting from students on graded assignments. 


School can get super hectic and be very daunting at times but I hope I highlighted some services that can alleviate your stress and make you more comfortable with studying at Schulich. Make the most out of your tuition and utilize these services when you can!

Published on September 10, 2021

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