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Everyone learns differently and that’s ok. 

It’s not always easy to learn the course content solely from your 3-hour lectures and textbooks with hundreds of pages. George Brown College’s Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC) understands this and is driven to help students of all learning preferences. If you’re seeking academic support, TLC will assist you in improving your academic knowledge and skills in order for you to achieve your objectives and excel in your courses. Here is what they do and how you can get involved. 

What are TLC’s services? 

TLC provides support in the following areas:

  • Academic language

TLC will assist you in strengthening your writing skills and communication skills. By enhancing these skills, it could be of benefit to you as it will translate into your work. This could help you improve your academic essay writing skills and make your reports much more effective and appealing. Another big unavoidable part of college is references and citations. Sometimes switching between APA and MLA can be confusing and that online generator you’re using can be inconsistent or unreliable. Don’t worry, TLC will also help you in perfecting the language of references, bibliographies, and in-text citations.

  • English as Second Language (ESL)

If you’re looking for extra help in learning English as a second language, TLC can provide just that! You can turn to the TLC team or resources to enhance your basic English communication skills, grammar, and reading comprehension skills.

  • Math and statistics

Math is used in many of George Brown’s programs including Business, Science, and General Arts programs. It’s no surprise, but math is something that a lot of people loathes and stresses over. It can be hard learning and understanding formulas to implement them into your coursework, however, TLC is here to relieve you of some of these stresses. You can turn to TLC’s services, and find someone or a resource that can teach you the material through teaching methods you are comfortable with. 

  • Accounting

Struggling to effectively and efficiently use excel? Want to enhance your practical money skills? Need help getting knowledge on how to start managing your own personal equity? Whether it be your accounting courses or for your general knowledge, you can turn to TLC for assistance and resources. 

  • Learning and study skills

TLC is all about enhancing George Brown student’s academic careers. They can help you in developing your learning and study skills. This can be extremely helpful for those who prefer to study independently, but don’t know how to productively study. If you don’t want to seek tutoring for every unpredictability through your post-secondary career, you can turn to TLC to find ways in maximizing your learning and study skills. Once TLC has you all set to go, you can start studying and problem-solving on your own! 

How do I access these services?

TLC provides multiple outlets and resources for you to use their services. Here’s how you can take advantage of them:

  • Tutoring sessions

Book an appointment with one of TLC’s tutors. You can set up a one-on-one tutoring appointment or join in on an up to 4 people group session. The availability of appointments includes a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring per subject and per day 3 times a week. You can choose to have these sessions either online through video call or in-person at TLC’s locations (listed at the end of this article). You may book a tutoring appointment through this link.

  • Drop-in tutoring

Say you forget to book an appointment and want to seek an immediate tutoring session. You may be able to do drop-in tutoring in which you show up to a TLC and look for a tutor that is available during this time. However, you are not always guaranteed to find a tutor through this method and it would be best to schedule an appointment instead.

  • Workshops  

From time to time, TLC will host workshops for students designed for the enhancement of the skills or the course of study previously mentioned. These can be scheduled at any time so be sure to check in with the TLC department or their Instagram to look out for future events.

  • Learning resources 

George Brown students have access to TLC’s handouts and practice materials directory. These can be found on campus at the TLC department or online through this link.

Where to find George Brown’s Tutoring and Learning Centre

You can visit their website by clicking here.

They also provide the following contact methods:

Email –

Phone: 416-415-5000 ext. 4053

Live Chat Support:

You can also visit them on campus:

Casa Loma Campus 

Building C, Room 344

(enter through the Library)

160 Kendal Ave.

Toronto, Ontario

M5R 1M3

St. James Campus

Room 430A

200 King Street East

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 3W8

Toronto Metropolitan University Campus

SHE 535

99 Gerrard St. East

Toronto, Ontario

M5B 1G7

Waterfront Campus

Room 538 (Library, Lower Level) 

51 Dockside Drive

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 0B6

290 Adelaide Campus

Room 119

290 Adelaide Street East (SJC)

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 1N1


George Brown College is here to help and watch you succeed! One of their greatest outlets in helping you do so is the Tutoring and Learning Centre. If you find you’re struggling in a certain class or lack a certain skill, don’t be afraid to come to TLC for help. Depending on when you’re reading this, unfortunately, due to long-distance learning, a lot of in-person resources have been put on a halt. However, feel free to take advantage of all the online resources and services they provide. Remember to check in with your Tutoring and Learning Centre regularly so you don’t miss out on any great opportunities and resources. 

Published on September 9, 2021

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