Athabasca University Student and Health Resources

Athabasca University wants its students to feel connected and part of a larger community, even though their course delivery method is online. This is why AU has made sure that students have platforms, clubs, and services to connect to, as well as online health services.

Student’s Union

First up in this queue is the University of Athabasca Student’s Union! The UASU helps students get information on a variety of topics including: student news, events, community involvement opportunities, insights, UASU-specific awards and bursaries, health and wellness programs, student advocacy, career resources, quick useful links, assistance programs, and more!

AUSU 2SLGBTQIA+ Coalition Discord Server

It also features the university’s student clubs, such as the AUSU 2SLGBTQIA+ Coalition Discord Server! This club is a place to celebrate and support sexual and gender diversity at the university and allows for a safe space for community support, making friends, and chatting about experiences. A server is also a place for allies, supporters, and friends. The UASU also links to The Voice, which is the official student magazine of the university and features articles written by students, and community projects of the student body. The Voice is a place where collaborative production can happen and ideas, news, events, opinions, and valuable information/insights can be shared!

The Hub

Next up is The Hub! The Hub is a platform that shares student news, events, announcements, COVID-19 updates, articles on featured alumni and their societal contributions, and ways to connect to the AU community. In regards to academics, the Hub offers faculty-specific information and lists recent research articles done by professors or students at AU!


An essential student resource at AU is Accessibility Services, a learner support service. AS provides education and awareness, and information for students on applying for accessibility-related accommodations, self-advocacy, referrals to on and off-campus services and supports, and funding. They also share links for assistive technology and free tools, and how to gain access to learning support services and alternate format course materials. AS offers the steps on how to apply, and gives information for international students with disabilities.

Lastly, in student resources, the IT Help Desk is a super helpful resource for students and AU team members that can give you remote support for Windows or Apple systems. After all, an online school must possess a strong IT department!

With regards to the health resources at Athabasca University, Homewood Health Online Services exists as a 24/7 support phone line that helps meet student’s health and wellness needs. Service options available on Homewood Health include: coaching from a variety of subject matter experts, counselling (by a certified mental health professional), and other web-based services. Also an important health resource for students is Talk Campus, which is a mobile application. On Talk Campus, students can talk anonymously to other students from colleges and universities worldwide about their mental health and struggles with student life (or other topics), and receive peer support in a safe place.

Distance or remote work is not a barrier at this post-secondary institution, and the AU provides an impressive range of online student and health resources in its goal to connect and support people wherever they may be.

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Published on September 9, 2021

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