Top Tutoring/Academic Support Services At/Near Redeemer University

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If this university wants to see you succeed in your academics, it obviously offers a variety of learning services, right?

That’s exactly right! There is no need to worry about your ability to succeed in courses because of your disabilities, your inability to understand the material, or missing classes due to certain circumstances because Redeemer is here to help you. 

Are you wondering what help they can offer you? Well, that’s something you’ll have to discover as you keep reading!

So, let’s jump right in. 

Learning Services:

In order to provide you with more assistance with your learning, the learning services are divided into three separate departments. Below you will find departments that address a wide range of problems you may be experiencing. 

Academic Success

Are you having difficulty understanding the material that you are learning? It’s okay, everyone processes information at their own pace. There is no need to worry about making sense of it by yourself; all you need is for someone else to help break it down for you. 

However, who would be willing to help you understand the material on an individual basis? If you were thinking about a tutor perhaps, then that’s exactly who can help! You will be able to find tutors in the academic success department who will provide one-on-one tutoring sessions to ensure you understand exactly what is being taught in class. The best part is that the tutoring sessions are free. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t have to worry about paying for private tutoring because, at Redeemer, these tutors are free of charge to any student in need of extra assistance with writing. 

Other resources available within this department include study smart seminars, citation certified online courses, learning skills resources, and learning strategies. 

Do you find that your studying habits from high school don’t work as well at university? Perhaps you should watch a video from the study smart seminars in which they provide students with tips on taking notes during lectures, reading textbooks, and preparing for exams. 

As a student, I understand that it can be challenging to remember precisely what you need to do when citing your sources because you may lose significant marks just for having incorrect citations. I think you may find this free course from this university very helpful in understanding the different citation styles and how to utilize them in your research paper. 

It doesn’t matter what your learning habits might be, I think you should keep these resources in mind in case you need extra help with academic comprehension. 

Accessible Learning

During your time at this university, you will be able to receive assistance from a special department that caters to students who have disabilities that may affect their learning. As part of the department for accessible learning, you can receive academic accommodations, medical condition protocols, as well as consultations with the director of learning services. In this department, all students will be encouraged and supported to reach their goals, regardless of whether they need a little help getting there.  

Disability services provided within this department include those related to learning disabilities, chronic health conditions, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit disorder, and many others. A request form, supporting documents, and a meeting with one of the department’s representatives are required for you to be able to receive any accommodations. 

Are you curious about the accommodations they offer? There are a variety of accommodations available, including tutoring, individualized support, note-taking aides, and special exam resources. For more information on Redeemer’s accessible learning services, you can download the Redeemer mobile app on your mobile device. However, you can also visit Redeemer’s website online to find a comprehensive list of its accessible learning services. 

Student Absences

Some students may be experiencing medical issues or mental distress that prevents them from attending their classes. Different circumstances may require you to miss class, which is understandable. University officials are aware of this as well. This is the reason the Learning Services office has a department called Student Absences, which provides support to students who have missed school, assignments, and tests. 

A description of the different absence circumstances and who to contact is included in the Absence Policy Summary that you can view online. It is possible for you to switch from an in-person to an online course if you find you are missing too many classes. On the Redeemer website, you can locate more details about the services of this department by visiting the Learning Services section. All the other services are listed on this website as well, along with contact information for employees in these departments.  

Help is available to you!

Make use of the support systems and resources offered by the school. Redeemer University created and established these clubs for the benefit of its students. Although this is a smaller postsecondary school than others throughout the province, they have these resources dedicated to ensuring that their students are treated and accommodated in the best way possible. 

Published on September 7, 2021

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