Top Tutoring/Academic Support Services At/Near Mount Allison University

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Students have access to a great deal of academic support throughout their studies at Mount Allison. From first year to graduation, students are provided with the best of care MtA has to offer. Services may include; academic advising, math help centre, writing resource centre, tutoring, workshops, and more!

Academic Advising

  Academic advising is available to new students attending Mount Allison all the way through to graduation. Academic advisors assist students on various matters including; degree based concerns and decision making, educational planning, academic advice, resource referrals, and so much more! Advisors strive to see students succeed and meet their desired career goals. 

Help Centres

  MtA’s extremely beneficial facilitating centres — the math help centre, and writing resource centre, have proven successful over many years. Students struggling within any type of mathematical course are free to consult the math help centre for assistance and/or guidance. Meetings are available in group settings or on a personal one-on-one basis, first come, first serve.

  All students are encouraged to visit the Writing Centre for writing support amongst their courses. Staff are available to provide assistance in all disciplines and subject areas, as well as throughout all stages of the writing process. Additional support is also available to students who do not speak english as a first language. EAL (english as an additional language) professional tutors specialize in helping students improve their english language academic writing.


Peer tutors are available to students who are struggling, and need assistance in a specific subject area. An updated  tutor list can be found on the MtA student moodle page. Also offered are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). PASS is a demand based study program designed to aid students throughout difficult courses. This program helps conceptualize course criteria, while guiding students through necessary academic skills. PASS is offered in a variety of braud first-year courses, dependent on demand for such.

Published on September 7, 2021

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