Top Things You Need To Know About Mount Allison University

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Mount Allison University has been recognized by Maclean’s Magazine as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada twenty-one times throughout the past twenty-nine years — a record unmatched by any other university. As a small university, Mount Allison students enjoy direct access to some of the finest faculties in the country. “With small classes—ranging from an average of 60 students in first year, to 14 in upper years—a picturesque setting in Sackville, N.B., and a regular outflow of Rhodes Scholars (55 as of publication time), Mount Allison ticks a lot of boxes. That’s why the school has hit the top spot in our Primarily Undergraduate category for a record 21 years since the survey began, including the past three consecutively.” To specify upon the importance of these fifty-five Rhodes Scholars (one of the best per capita records of any university in Canada) —The Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship is valued at more than $100 000, with an overall global acceptance rate of 0.7%. Thus making it one of the most competitive and prestigious scholarships in the world.

In Maclean’s 2020 University Rankings MTA has been recognized as…

  • first in overall student satisfaction
  • first in national awards won
  • first in the percentage of full-time instructional faculty with a PhD, or highest degree in their field
  • first in course instructors
  • first in student life staff
  • first in administrative staff
  • first in extracurricular activities
  • first in experiential learning
  • second in academic advising staff
  • second in residence living
  • third in mental health services
  • fourth in the number of students who have won national academic awards.  
  • fifth in steps to prevent sexual assault
  • sixth in promoting Indigenous visibility

The annual National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys students at many Canadian and U.S. universities. The 2017 NSSE survey states that out of all Canadian university attendees, Mount Allison students are more likely to:

  • work on research projects directly with professors
  • be involved in on-campus events
  • be encouraged to attend social and cultural activities
  • interact with faculty members on activities other than coursework

Published on September 7, 2021

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