Top Things To Do Before You Graduate From University of Saskatchewan

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University is an incredibly busy time for students, but it’s important to take a break from studying to destress and ensure you make the most out of your university experience. Taking study breaks provides the perfect opportunity to explore the many wonders of the University of Saskatchewan campus and the city of Saskatoon. Below is a list of the top ten most interesting, entertaining, and fascinating things to do on campus before you graduate!

Visit the Diefenbaker Canada Centre

Located behind the Edwards School of Business at 101 Diefenbaker Place, the Diefenbaker Canada Centre (DCC) is a Prime Ministerial Museum showcasing the life and legacy of University of Saskatchewan alumni, John G. Diefenbaker, the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. This incredible museum contains replica rooms of the Prime Minster’s Office and the Privy Council Chambers as they would have appeared during John G. Diefenbaker’s time in office. The DCC has a permanent gallery exhibit about John G. Diefenbaker and another gallery space where the exhibits change annually. The DCC also has an incredible collection of online exhibits for anyone to check out!

Take a Historical Campus Tour

Offered by the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, one of the best ways to learn about the rich history of the University of Saskatchewan is by taking a historical campus tour! This comprehensive tour explores the history of architecture, important events, influential people, and major achievements at the University of Saskatchewan. This tour is also a fantastic way to learn how to get around campus! 

Check Out the Sculpture Garden

Located behind the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, the Sculpture Garden is home to multiple massive and beautifully crafted stone statues. The Sculpture Garden is located right next to the Meewasin Trail, which is a lovely place to take in the beauty of the Saskatoon city skyline and the South Saskatchewan River. In the spring and summer months, the Sculpture Garden is a great place to study outside!

Visit the Museum of Antiquities

Located on the first floor in the Peter MacKinnon building, the Museum of Antiquities is home to a large collection of Roman, Greek, Near East, and Egyptian full replica sculptures as well as an extensive collection of ancient coins, glass, and pottery. The museum is beyond magnificent and is something that every student needs to see while at the U of S!

Hit up a concert or USSU event at Louis’ Campus Pub

Located in the basement of the Memorial Union Building, Louis’ is a restaurant and bar that hosts a medley of different events, such as concerts, USSU events, and trivia nights. Make sure you take time to enjoy one of the many exciting events that happen at Louis’ throughout the school year!

Check Out the Architecture!  

The architecture at the U of S is truly breathtaking. Many of the main campus buildings are made out of Greystone or Tyndall stone and have grotesques carved into them. A fun way to spend an afternoon is to walk around and see what carvings you can spot or what fossils you can find in the Tyndall stone (hint: the best ones are on the Peter MacKinnon Building and Voyager Place)!

Visit the Little Stone Schoolhouse

A piece of prairie settler history! The Original Victoria School, also known as the Little Stone Schoolhouse, is a Provincial Heritage Property. The first schoolhouse that was ever built in Saskatoon, it is located near the Health Sciences Building and beside St. Andrews. Inside the tiny stone building is a schoolroom that looks like it would have in the early 1900s!

Innovation Place Garden Park

Filled with beautiful greenery and ample public seating areas, the Innovation Place Garden Park is a stunning area home to a large koi pond, walking paths, a gazebo, a Japanese dry garden, and an incredible variety of plants. It’s the perfect place to relax when you need a moment of calm!

 Catch a Huskies’ Game at Griffiths Stadium at Nutrien Park

Showing some school spirit and cheering on the Huskies Football team is an incredibly fun experience. The new stadium is wheelchair accessible and even if you’re not a huge fan of sports, taking in a game is a great way to take a night off from studying and meet new people!  

Museum of Natural Sciences

Located in the Biology and Geology Buildings, the Museum of Natural Sciences is a great place for anyone to explore! The Museum of Natural Sciences showcases the evolution of life on Earth and the history of our planet. The museum features life size skeletal replicas of fish, amphibians, dinosaurs, and mammals as well as being home to a variety of live fish and degus. Extending into the hallways of the Geology Building, minerals, rocks, Saskatchewan resources, and a working seismograph are on display.

In conclusion, make sure you complete at least one item off this top ten list before you graduate from the University of Saskatchewan! Now that you know some of the top things to do before you graduate, check out the Campus Guides article “University of Saskatchewan: Where to Live While You’re Studying” [hyperlink on website] to help set you up for success! 

Published on September 7, 2021

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