Top Student Resources/Services To Use At University of Prince Edward Island

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 As students at the University of Prince Edward Island work towards their educational goals, it is expected that elements of the coursework may present as challenging. While these challenges help to broaden knowledge and develop skills, students are also encouraged to reach out for help. UPEI offers a wide array of academic support services. Some of which include: student advising, academic advising, accessibility services, peer mentoring, academic workshops, faculty help centres, career services, and the list goes on! Below are a few of the most popularly taken advantage of resources:

  Student advisers play a big role in getting students ready for university as well as guiding them throughout their studies. Advisers can provide assistance to future students, accepted students looking for first-year advising, current students, international students, and graduate students. Below are some possible situations in which student advisors can help;

  • Help newly-accepted students choose first year courses
  • Learn about transferring from another institution
  • Information on applying as a mature student
  • Discuss graduate program requirements 
  • English Academic Preparation and English language support
  • Receive immigration and personal support
  • Attend UPEI as an exchange student

  The University of Prince Edward Island is dedicated to setting its students up for success. With this comes academic support across various faculties. UPEI offers multiple free help centers based on demand for such within an academic year. These could include math, physics, chemistry, computical science, etc. An additional help centre offered without the need of demand is the writing centre. Located within the Robertson library, this help centre provides coaching and support for writing in all disciplines.

  UPEI also makes it easy for students to obtain tutors for any and all classes. With the use of the University’s “tutor bank,” you can simply select your subject, and search for a tutor who best fits your needs! Not to forget the free alternative, UPEI’s wide array of wonderful professors who will almost always volunteer their time to help. Numerous professors offer one-on-one meetings to enhance and better the understanding of their students. Never feel nervous or ashamed to simply ask for assistance!

  In addition, all students are given the opportunity to receive free, responsive, and personal academic support through UPEI’s Pathways to Success program. Such is carried out with academic coaching; an interactive process focused on solely you. Inevitably helping students reach their full academic potential, through confidential one-one meetings with an academic coach.

Published on September 7, 2021

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