Top Student Resources/Services To Use At Ontario Tech University

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  1. Academic Support Options:

The Student Learning Centre in the Ontario Tech Student Life offers a variety of academic assistance services to students, all of which are supported by student tuition fees. Appointments, seminars, and study rooms are now available online. Their academic experts and peer tutors can help you with the following topics.

  1. Support for Students with Disabilities:

You can work directly with a counsellor and receive a variety of accommodations as a registered student with Student Accessibility Services. The Self-Service Portal allows you to arrange appointments and tests, as well as renew your lodgings.This is an awesome service provided by Ontario Tech as they aim to give all students a fair learning ground. Some accommodations include aid in writing notes for classes.

  1. One-on-one Support:

At Ontario Tech, the students can schedule one-on-one meetings with an academic topic specialist or a peer tutor in a range of subject areas. Academic topic specialists are required to have earned a master’s or professional degree in their field. Upper-class students who have received an A in the courses they advise serve as peer tutors. Students should come prepared with specific questions as the average appointment lasts 45 minutes. This session is often regarding the subject and ideas of concern that the student may have. They are invited to bring their homework, assignment rubrics, and any other resources that are related to the topic they are reviewing.Students must be able to demonstrate the root of an issue they are attempting to solve. Students can approach difficult-to-understand topics at their own speed and level of education in one-on-one sessions. 

  1. Employment Readiness Program

The Employment Readiness Program is a space where students can work with career counsellors, learning strategies counsellors and their peers to develop employment-specific social skills. Students can get career guidance and learn how to act in professional environments.

  1. Job Preparations

This is a service where students can engage with career counsellors, learning strategies counsellors, and their peers in the Employment Readiness Program to build employment-specific social skills. Students can receive career counselling and learn how to behave in professional settings.

  1. Mental Health

Student Mental Health Services are always extremely welcoming and looking forward to do the best they can. They are dedicated to assisting students with their mental health in a number of ways. With their new Stepped Care approach, they can provide students with a variety of services to help them navigate through whatever hardships or internal dilemmas they are facing. In order to get in touch with the team for this service, book an intake consultation with their Student Wellness Coordinator

  1. Sexual Violence Support and Education: 

If a student has been faced with any type of sexual violence, this service gives them the freedom and a safe environment where they can go to, in order to voice their story and seek assistance. Connecting people of their community with the resources they need to give effective assistance to those who may reveal. At Ontario Tech it’s important to the staff that the campus community is a safe space and are willing to put forth efforts to promote a consent culture and empower individuals to intervene in instances where sexual assault has occurred or is likely to occur.

  1. Indigenous Education and Cultural Services 

The Indigenous Cultural Advisor can help students remotely or over the phone.The Baagwating Indigenous Student Centre, located at 151 Athol St. East in Downtown Oshawa, houses Indigenous Education and Cultural Services. Mukwa’s Den, an additional Indigenous area, is located in the Student Life Building in north Oshawa. Our Indigenous students can use these places as a home away from home and to engage with Indigenous culture and resources.

Published on September 7, 2021

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