Top Professors At Mohawk College

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Would you like to find out which professors students liked at this school? Maybe you’re deciding which classes to choose, and you’re curious about what professors to look out for. Well, you are definitely not alone. 

In all post-secondary institutions, the majority of students are curious about the courses they are taking and the professors who teach them. This is especially important when a certain course has multiple sections that are taught by different professors.

As you can imagine, I have struggled to figure out which section to take because I did not want to be stuck with a strict or arrogant professor. Particularly during your first year of college, you are likely to need someone who is understanding of this major change from high school. 

We hope that these top rated professors can be helpful to you when choosing your classes and sections!

  1. Brandon Versluis

Do you have an interest in a career in Cyber Security Analytics? Perhaps you would like to learn more about HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? 

If so, then Professor Brandon Versluis is the right professor for you! He was given an overall rating of 5.0 by 14 students. Most students rated the difficulty of this course as 1.8, which made them more inclined to take it again. It wasn’t just that he taught easy courses, but also that his teaching style made learning enjoyable and interesting.

He is known for giving excellent feedback to students, which contributes to your growth as a student. Additionally, he provides wonderful lectures that students enjoy, and he maintains a pleasant manner while also having a funny bone to brighten his students day.   

One student who attended his classes stated; “Honestly Brandon might be the best professor in Mohawk College. He knows how to teach and he was willing to help you succeed in every way possible.” (Rate My Professors: Brandon Versluis). 

  1. Andreas Kyprianou

Do you have a fascination with business? You might prefer to gain experience facilitating meetings and conducting presentations. Maybe you’d like to learn how to write professional emails or reports whether you need to send them to clients, family, or coworkers. 

Well, professor Andreas Kyprianou might be able to help you! Students who took his Business Reports course gave her an overall 5.0 rating. Those 13 students who took their time to give him a rate, said they would love to take his classes again and gave him a difficulty rating of 2.6. He has a reputation as a caring, inspiring teacher who has a great deal of respect and admiration for students. As well as providing students with access to lectures outside the classroom, he provided them with great feedback to help them grow.

A student of his stated that: “Amazing professor. Prof. K thanks a lot for doing everything for not me but also for other students. He always help or motivates his students. I have a great experience with Professor K and also I suggest to other students to take Prof. K’s course.” (Rate My Professor: Andreas Kyprianou).  

You might want to check out Professor Andreas’ classes if you’re interested in business!

  1. Robyn Roscoe

If you’re interested in enhancing your skills in project management, Professor Robyn Roscoe can help you out. 

Just like Professor Andreas Kyprianou, Professor Robyn is also a part of the Business department at Mohawk. Among the seven ratings she received, her overall rating was 5.0 as the professor teaching the Research Project Management course. It is important to keep in mind that the highest rating a professor can receive is a 5. Despite receiving a level of difficulty rating of 3.3, all seven students who rated her said they would definitely take the course again. 

In my opinion, that’s very encouraging! 

In addition to being extremely respectful, she provides students with excellent feedback. Also, her grading criteria are very clear, which is great to know since other professors can be ambiguous in their grading criteria. Besides being keen on participation, she also assigns quite a bit of homework in her classes since this is the best way for students to stay engaged with the course. 

As a student, you would rather read opinions that students have about her. This is one student’s comment that might give you a straight-forward understanding of what you can expect; “the course is very well organized and well arranged. The work assigned to students is fair. The Prof is very accessible and responsive. Her lectures are very well designed and have good information.” (Rate My Professor: Robyn Roscoe). 

  1. Simon Galton 

You may be a techie who loves everything related to computers. Even though I love technology, I know nothing about it beyond the basics. However, if you are interested in a career under the Computer Science department, Professor Simon Galton would be the right teacher for you.

Despite receiving 9 ratings from students, he received an overall rating of 5.0. All of his students said they would take his courses again, despite his 3.1 level of difficulty rating. He is known for providing inspirational lectures that are both accessible and inspiring beyond the classroom. Furthermore, he is known to be an approachable professor who will help students understand the material better.

A student of his that took a course he taught online due to the pandemic stated that; “I took this class during COVID so it was online. I was worried about this kind of course being online, but he made it great! So many short but useful and fun videos in between classes to keep us on track. Lectures were time well spent and the labs were maybe the best of all the labs we did this semester and they were usually fun. Great Professor!” (Rate My Professors: Simon Galton). 

When a student was concerned about taking a course such as Wireless Networking online, Professor Simon did an outstanding job of educating them as well as their peers. Despite not attending this school, they convinced me to take this course. They might have convinced you too.

A Final Note:

A few of these professors were given the highest ratings on the website Rate My Professor. This website is used by students to investigate what they will experience when taking classes with certain professors. I highly recommend using that website in the future as it is a great way to learn more about professors from other students. 

Published on September 7, 2021

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