Top Places To Live At/Near McGill University

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Having the great opportunity to live in beautiful Montreal, you will find that you will not run out of options for housing. For students entering first year, you will find varying types of student housing offered on campus. From the hotel-style living/modern dormitory style to the traditional dorm experience, students have the ability to rank residences based on their preferences. There are 10 undergraduate downtown residences – all varying in size and room types. If you are someone who wants a modern experience, then I would highly recommend La Citadelle. In La Citadelle, all rooms are fully furnished and include a private bathroom, flatscreen TV and air conditioning. I know right, this is complete luxury! If you are someone who wants the traditional experience, then I would recommend one of the Upper Residences (Molson, McConnell and Gardner). These residences sit atop of the scenic Mount Royal Park and bring 800 students together into a community. All three residences surround the Bishop Mountain Hall – allowing students from all three residences to interact and eat together. If you are contemplating between on-campus and off-campus housing for first year, I highly advocate students to live on-campus because it is a tremendous way to meet new people and partake in residence life. Residence life offers a plethora of ways for students to engage with their fellow peers through activities and community building events, such as Residence Warz. Residence Warz is a yearlong, inter-residence competition, where teams from each hall compete in a chosen events to accumulate points. This allows students to create lasting bonds with one another, be active and express their spirit!

Off-Campus Housing

During your winter semester in first year, it is quickly time to find off-campus housing for the next three years. There are many areas around Montreal where students choose to reside. Primarily, students choose to live in the Milton-Parc area, also known as the McGill Ghetto. Here, you will find an enriching community of McGill students all trekking to class in the middle of winter. Living in the McGill Ghetto has many perks – including proximity, student culture and price. Living in the Ghetto, you are only a 5-10 minutes walk to campus, and you have the added benefit of a large proportion of McGill students residing in this area. This makes meeting up with friends, holding club meetings, and weekends much more interactive. Outside the McGill Ghetto, other popular areas include the Mile End, Le Plateau and around downtown Montreal. No matter what your budget and priorities are in searching for a place, Montreal has diverse neighbourhoods that have lots to offer. 


Published on September 7, 2021

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