Top Clubs/Organizations To Join At University of New Brunswick

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Clubs and societies play an important role in the university student experience. The University of New Brunswick offers more than one-hundred and twenty clubs, societies, and groups for students to pursue interests, meet peers within or outside their program, and make the most of their university years. The available clubs and societies range from a focus on academics, to sustainability, to sports, and beyond. 

Biology Society

  UNB’s Biology Society upholds a positive environment facilitating interactions between students on both academic, and social levels. Through self-improvement courses and workshops, interactive sessions, innovative student and staff activities, and more, members are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding within all aspects of Biology.

Engineering Undergraduate Society

  The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) — representing over one-thousand engineering students at the University of New Brunswick, is an umbrella organization composed of seven diverse departmental societies. The EUS infiltrates student engagement by providing numerous valuable social activities and networking opportunities which contribute to the supplementation of a well-rounded education. 

Mathematics Society

  UNB’s Mathematics Society aims to represent all undergraduate students enrolled within the Department of Mathematics and/or Statistics. The society provides students with the opportunity to grow academically, and socially, while facilitating intellectual networks between like-minded peers, professors, faculty members, etc.

Physics Society

  UNB’s Physics Society aims to provide an environment where members can touch base, and facilitate one another with physics related material. Students are given the opportunity to develop relationships amongst peers and faculty members through various social activities, events, and seminars.

Chemistry Society

  The Chemistry Society is a student-led group which strives to provide a safe and fun environment for students interested in the field of chemistry. Its welcoming atmosphere allows members to socialize, create networks, and facilitate one another throughout course material. Students have the option to take part in various events, activities, informational sessions, and more!

International Students Society

  UNB’s International Students Society is devoted to promoting the unity and well-being of all international students. With on-going exciting activities, events, and programs, members are given the opportunity to create ever-lasting connections among peers and faculty members. UNBISS aims to enhance the university experience of international students, while integrating as[ects of diverse cultures throughout campus.

Mental Health Association

  The Mental Health Association is a campus club dedicated to the goal of promoting a positive outlook regarding mental health at UNB. By hosting a number of activities, events, campaigns, and discussions, members strive to break down the stigma which frequently surrounds mental health. The club also participates in fundraising in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). 

Published on September 7, 2021

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