Scholarships/Bursaries To Win At Saint Paul University

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University can be expensive and the stress of being able to  financially afford everything you need for the year can be intimidating for new or current students. Saint Paul University wants to help out their students by awarding bursaries and scholarships! Saint PAul has a variety of awards to give out each year and they will be listed below. For more information on bursaries, scholarships and the information on the requirements please visit the link below.–admission-scholarships_433_152.htm

Admission Scholarship 

Saint Paul offers admission scholarships for students who enroll in Honours Bachelor’s program and or a Second-Entry Program. The students who are eligible for this admissions scholarships are: 

Average: 95% – 100%, the student would receive a $3,000 scholarship 

Average: 90% – 94.4%, the student would receive a $2,000 scholarship 

Average: 85% – 89.9%, the student would receive a $1,000 scholarship 

Average: 80% – 84.9%, the student would receive a $500 scholarship 

These awards are added automatically to your student accounts, half at the beginning of the first semester and the second installment will be added at the beginning of the second semester. 

Below is a list of possible scholarships you could win as a Saint Paul University student. 

  • The Adanac Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons Bursary
  • Élisabeth Jeannine Lacelle Scholarship
  • The Hervé Casault Scholarship
  • The Jane Younger Memorial Award
  • Mgr. H. Belleau Scholarship
  • Thomas G. Feeney Q.C. Award for Aging and Community
  • Canadian Canon Law Society Bursary
  • Francis Morrisey Scholarship
  • Thomas Moncion Bursary
  • Marc Meehan Prize
  • The Chancellor’s Prize
  • The Reverend Clayton Vaughan Bursary
  • Côme Olivier Rochon Bursary
  • Achiel Peelman Bursary
  • Jean-Guy LeMarier, OMI, Bursary
  • St. Peter’s Province Scholarship for Studies in Christian Spirituality
  • The Corporation des Pères Maristes de l’est du Canada Bursary

For more information on the scholarships and bursaries you could win, use this link.–admission-scholarships_433_152.htm

Saint Paul offers many scholarships throughout the school year to help students succeed financially. Visit their website for detailed information about the possible scholarships you can win. 

Published on September 5, 2021

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