Top Student Resources/Services To Use At Niagara College

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There is a large variety of services and offerings at the Niagara On-The-Lake campus which can be of academic or leisure use for students. Below are some of the options: 

Student Commons and Cafeteria:

The contemporary student centre, which was recently refurbished, provides students with a friendly, sociable, and collaborative atmosphere.

Marotta Family Innovation Complex:

Classrooms, student entrepreneurial space, a food sciences and processing facility, and sustainable technology such as electric car charging stations, a green roof water retention system, and a rainwater collecting and irrigation system are among the amenities.

Living Laboratory:

Ecological lagoons, wetlands, manicured community gardens, hop yard, culinary gardens, and a 40-acre on-campus vineyard are all part of the campus, providing you with a valuable hands-on, farm-to-table experience.

Niagara College Teaching Spa:

Providing a safe setting for Esthetician students to work with customers while honing their skills and methods.

Niagara College Teaching Greenhouse:

Ontario’s largest training greenhouse, available to the public and staffed by Horticulture students.

Niagara College Teaching Distillery:

The first and only Artisan Distilling programme in Canada, it provides intensive hands-on instruction in a state-of-the-art Teaching Distillery on site.

Niagara College Teaching Brewery:

The world’s first commercial teaching brewery, a 1,500-square-foot open-concept microbrewery where students produce craft beer on campus.

Canadian Food and Wine Institute:

Providing hands-on experience and academics in all elements of food, food innovation, wine, beer, and spirits, as well as baking, pastry, and chocolate laboratories to students.

Published on September 3, 2021

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