Top Resources For Your Mental Health At/Near Ontario Tech University

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Ontario Tech compared to many other universities, has alot of great resources to offer to benefit and aid students in their time of need. In terms of mental health they currently have 4 standing options for students who feel like they need support and could be in distress. These 4 options include the Self-help resources, the single session support, the group/peer support workshops and lastly the therapy and specialized supports. These resources  are typically for students who’ve identified that this type of aid would be of benefit for them moving forward, but if the scenario has escalated and seems to be a bit more severe, students can easily head to the university website,  under the mental health section and click on the “I am in distress” option which immediately directs students to the crisis centre. Here students can view emergency campus contacts such as the campus security, the campus health centre and the campur walk program or emergency local contacts such as Durham Region emergency management and preparedness, Durham Regional Police Services and other Provincial and National contacts if need be. At the crisis centre there are also contacts for Mental and sexual health. Some of these contacts are listed below:

  1. Connex Ontario:

For those struggling with alcohol and drugs, mental illness, and/or gambling, ConnexOntario provides free and confidential health care information. We are supported by the Ontario government.

  1. Durham Mental Health Crisis Line:

Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) is a charity not-for-profit organisation that provides services and support to people with mental illnesses and their families.

  1. Good2Talk:

Good2Talk is a free hotline for Ontario post-secondary students. Students may get information and recommendations regarding mental health, addictions, and well-being programmes on and off campus, as well as chat confidentially with a trained counsellor, by contacting Good2Talk.

Now let’s talk a bit more about the 4 options mentioned earlier and breakdown what is exactly offered for each one.

Self-help resources:

These resources consist of a variety of different options ranging from On-campus resources, Community resources, Mental health websites and apps and lastly helplines. Some of the on-campus resources include, the Office of student life, campus health centre, campus security, equity and inclusivity, indigenous student services and residential services. Some of the community resources include, addiction services, crisis and emergency shelters, community-based counselling services, food banks, legal assistance, resources for BIPOC and support to quit smoking. Some of the Online mental health resources range from contacts for Mental health concerns, academic and test anxiety, depression, eating and body image, grief and loss, sleep, and mindfulness. Lastly there’s the helpline option which provides contacts to some of the more well known and most accessible options for students to reach out to in the case of a mental health-related situation. 

Single Session Supports:

The Student Mental Health Services at Ontario Tech University provides professional one-on-one mental health support to students. If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team, you may do so by:

  1. To get started, schedule an intake consultation with our Student Wellness Coordinator. She will assess your needs and provide recommendations, such as self-help tools, peer support, a mental health programme, or counselling, as applicable.
  2. If you’re having a bad day and are experiencing emotional discomfort, schedule a 45-minute drop-in session. A counsellor can assist with emotional management and grounding.

Groups/Peer Support Workshops:

This option consists of many viable and calming opportunities that students may utilize to clear their head space. There’s “campus connected” where students who want to learn how to connect with people with a loving and compassionate attitude, as well as how to listen with empathy and without judgement. There’s also “Mood Walks” which are a free and enjoyable chance for students and employees to improve their physical and mental health by taking thoughtful walking breaks throughout the school and workday. Come out for a stroll to help you refocus, improve your mood, reduce stress, and connect with your campus community. Another resource is Mental Health Groups which are there to assist your mental health, Student Mental Health Services provides a variety of programs and courses. If you’d like to join one or more of the groups, please select the appropriate option and fill out the interest form. Each group will only operate if there is sufficient interest.

Therapy and Specialized supports:

This option provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to students suffering from mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression in collaboration with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is responsible for funding this initiative. In order to receive such aid, students should speak with their counsellor or schedule an appointment with our Student Wellness Coordinator.

Published on September 3, 2021

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