Top Places To Live At/Near Ontario Tech University

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There’s two main campuses for the Ontario Tech University, one being their north end campus and the other being the downtown Oshawa campus. Now, considering both campuses reside in Oshawa, between the north end and the downtown campuses via bus it’s approximately a 20 minute bus ride. Many students take the bus between the two campuses there’s multiple buses that run between the campuses. The buses are always packed so that’s something you should probably keep in mind when considering long commutes to the university. Between the two campuses the more populated and extensive campus is the north end of Oshawa, which is where it’s nonsurpingly a lot easier to find places to stay if you aren’t a local resident. In terms of on campus living such as dorm rooms the Ontario Tech University has alot of options for students to choose from, The Central Hall, South Hall, and North Hall are the three halls that make up the Simcoe Village Residence. There are also the South and West villages in which students can reside. For those students who are interested in a large open-concept style, the Central and South halls are available in two versions. The following items are included in these fully equipped suites: Two double beds separated by a partial wall, A kitchenette, A three-piece bath and A workspace. For the North Hall dorms, they encompass Two private bedrooms, A three-piece bath, A large kitchenette and A workspace. The South village in comparison offer a fully furnish suite which encompasses Two private bedrooms, A three-piece bath, A small kitchenette, A workspace and A small seating area. Lastly, for on-campus housing, we have the West village residences which are new residential rooms that are excellent for upper-year students who want the independence of apartment living while yet being close to school. The following amenities are offered in the three- and six-bedroom units: Five appliances, Parking, Networked Internet and Large bedrooms with spacious closets. When you live in a dorm, you have a greater chance of being part of a better social life because you’re always surrounded by all these various people. There are so many houses in Oshawa that rent to students specifically, and you just rent out a room in a huge house alongside all these different students in the house. A lot of people wonder, “How do I even find out about these off-campus housing?” Our best suggestion would be to give Kijiji and Facebook a try. Facebook has many groups dedicated to student housing in Oshawa. Another very popular housing option for students is 1900 Simcoe Street North. It’s a condo complex with housing primarily for 1-2 individuals per apartment. They are newly built with modern touches and a functional layout. This fully furnished studio apartment is ideal for a working professional, student, or astute investor. It features a functional kitchen, exposed concrete ceilings, a walk-in closet, Ensuite Laundry, a living area, a sleeping area with a Murphy bed, and a study area. This well-kept unit is close to Ontario Tech University, Durham College, the 407 Expressway, and Go Transit. Ontario Tech recommends that students use in order to find off-campus housing. It is a  website that allows students to search for apartment homes near the institution, post a sublease, and look for roommates. They also have forums and posting locations for landlords and for finding roommates available on their website to help ease students into off-campus living and be as resourceful to their students as possible. Overall there’s more than enough on-campus housing options and plenty of nearby off-campus options where students can venture and look into.

Published on September 3, 2021

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