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In order to find both on-campus jobs and other career-related and/or non career-related jobs in one convenient database, the Ontario Tech student life portal is an absolute powerhouse of a resource. There are subsections within the portal such as the Career Centre and Job Postings which are dedicated to helping students not only amp up their applicant portfolios but also easily research jobs in the communities surrounding them. The Career Centre and staff who help orchestrate such a strong environment for student development are the ones who authorize all job postings, but as of late they’ve had companies make odd requirements of new workers, which the university has requested students do not take part in because of suspicious and potential malicious nature of some of the requests. This is crucial advice because it’s important not to provide anyone with your personal information as job offers may be an effective way to collect personal data and money. Just a heads up! One approach to explore and find prospective employment possibilities is to use the internet. Employers who have advertised job vacancies for Ontario Tech University students and alumni can access them through the Student Life portal. As long as students are enrolled at Ontario Tech, they will have access to the site. Alumni can access the site for free for the first two years following graduation. Full-time, part-time, summer, contract, and volunteer opportunities are also available. You may look for job openings by:

  • The Program or Major
  • Geographic location
  • Posting date of the entry
  • Name of a company
  • Title of the job

Aside from job hunting outside the school, there’s also various student opportunities on-campus which provide students, specifically those local to the university, opportunities to have a form of nearby and reliable employment. One of these opportunities, is the Peer Assisted Study Session Leaders (PASS), peer tutoring and success coaching. Volunteers are often in the role of notetaking and are just a few of the Academic Support services offered by the Office of Student Life. Students may offer their expertise and assist other students while improving their resumes and obtaining significant leadership experience through these paid and volunteer roles.

Another huge opportunity for on-campus employment is Ontario Tech’s “University Works” program which offers students who demonstrate a financial need, the option to work on campus and assist them accomplish their personal and academic objectives. In order to apply to this  program, students are required to fill in and complete the University Works application which can be found on the Ontario Tech MyCampus website. Upon arrival to this website students will need to navigate to the SAFA Tab, followed by the Awards and Financial Aid tab and then click on “start my application”. This can be found in the “helpful links” category of the MyCampus website, where students should process to click on apply for student aid. The rest of the steps are pretty self explanatory in that the students must select the most appropriate aid year and period and select the correct University Works application. You may examine your current application by clicking view my applications, or you can check the progress of your application by selecting view my student aid once you’ve finished your University Works application. Near the end of the application process students will receive a “conditional acceptance” email after their application has been accepted. Then, all that’s left to do is apply away and land an on-campus job to have an income on the side as you help yourself cut down the tuition debt and earn a little weekend cheat day money!

Published on September 3, 2021

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