Job Hunting at British Columbia Institute of Technology

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If you’re looking for a side hustle, part-time gig, or a full-time job as a student, you’ve come to the right place. As a student, you might not have a ton of time to go job-hunting the traditional way (in-person), or even online through numerous postings!

BCIT has a great site in place to help students like you find jobs easily and efficiently! With everything in one place, there’s plenty of time for you to save just by clicking on a few links. Who knew searching for a job could be so easy?

First things first…

You’ll want to think about what kind of job you’re looking for before you start your search. Do you want a full-time job? Part-time? Maybe you need something that is in walking distance. This will help you stay on track and easily disregard jobs that don’t fit your criteria. If not, start looking for anything!

After you know what you’re looking for…

Check out this website to help you get started. One of the very first links on the website will lead you to the BCIT eJobs board, which are job postings made specifically for BCIT students. You must use your student login to view the postings. The jobs available will range from paid opportunities to volunteer work, but the one thing all postings have in common is that employers are specifically looking for BCIT students or graduates! You can also log in to Career Track, which is a resource provided by the BCIT Student Association in order to help students find jobs, access great career workshops, book appointments for career assistance, and more! Signing up for Career Track is quick and easy, and is only available to you with your BCIT-provided login information.

 You can also make use of public job boards, which are available to everyone even if you are not a BCIT student. Some examples of public job boards include LinkedIn, BCJobs, and Eluta, to name a few. The nice thing about these job boards is that you can search by location and use key words. This can really help narrow down your search so you don’t have to sift through thousands of random postings. Please be careful while browsing these, though, as some postings may be scams or unverified. Since there are so many options available, it’s easy for some fake postings to show up in the mix. If a job seems so amazing that you can’t even believe it’s real, it might be time to take a deeper investigation into the company and the job offering; it could be fake!

 If you want to narrow your search down even more, you can look through job listings for specific organizations, which is included on the website. The links provided by BCIT include the Government of BC, Careers at BCIT, BCIT Student Association, City of Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond. This is really helpful if you’re living in a specific area or if you’re looking to work at BCIT! On the BCIT Student association website in particular, jobs that are open to students will say so in brackets and will specify whether or not it is part-time or full-time. A lot of jobs for students will only be temporary and on a certain contract for x number of months.

BCIT focuses on preparing students to be career-ready, which is something that will help you before you apply for jobs. Mentorships, workshops, career events, and career specialists exist to help guide you. Visit here for more information on how to connect with a mentor, sign up for a workshop, sign up for an event, or book an appoint with an advisor. Take advantage of career fairs when they happen, as well. These types of events are always helpful if you’re trying to find a job.

Roughly 48,000 students have taken advantage of BCIT’s job resources, and there has been eight industry events, one hundred-and-fifty events total, and two hundred-and-sixty workshops, involving 2,000 employers. It’s amazing how BCIT works to help students like you, so remember you have lots of support! You’ve got this! Good luck with finding a job!

*Please note that the information found in this article reflects resources as of July 2021 and will be subject to change. The jobs posted on each job board rotate in and out and are constantly being filled, so it is important to keep on checking them regularly if you are actively searching. To book an appointment with a career specialist, please click here. For more inquiries, please contact

Published on September 2, 2021

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