5 Top-Rated Professors at BCIT

Wondering who the top professors are at BCIT? Here’s a list taken from Rate My Prof, which is student-rated and decently accurate (if you’re looking for a quick check on your prof). It’s a bit hard to scroll through the top rated profs, as they’re not in a specific order, so here are some of the highest rated profs BCIT has in their faculty list.

1. Jim Waterman, Engineering Department

Top Tags: Caring, Respected, Inspirational, Gives Good Feedback, Amazing Lectures

Rated Courses: Math 1143, Math 2143, Math 2431, Math 3431, Math 3620

Students describe his lectures as being well-thought out, organized, and easily understandable. He has an overall quality rating of 5/5 and 100% of the students who rated him say they would take his courses again. His difficulty rating is a 2.6, which is reasonable. One great piece of feedback from students is that if you do the homework, there will be no surprises on your tests! Calc is a difficult subject, but Professor Waterman apparently “makes it look easy.” (I can’t understand that, myself, but hey… maybe you’ll find a newfound love for calc!)

2. Chris Siu, Engineering Department

Top Tags: Respected, Amazing Lectures, Clear Grading Criteria, Gives Good Feedback, Accessible Outside Class

Rated Courses: Elex 2120, Elex 3520, Elex 4320

The Engineering Department is really coming in strong with some of the best profs at BCIT! Professor Siu is described by students as being an “amazing teacher” with some very fair tests and quizzes. He has an overall quality rating of 5/5 and 100% of the students who rated him would take his courses again. His difficulty rating is 2.7, which is just over the mid mark of 2.5. The robot lab in Elex 2120 is supposed to be quite difficult, but students say that Professor Siu can explain things very well which makes it a little bit easier. Quizzes are apparently like the practice ones, so pay attention to that!

3. Scott Hagan, Mathematics Department

Top Tags: Amazing Lectures, Inspirational, Gives Good Feedback, Respected, Lots of Homework

Rated Courses: Math 2149, Math 2491, Math 3499, Math 4499, Math 7010

Although Professor Hagan has a difficulty rating of 3.1 (a little bit higher than the two previous profs), students are very happy with his courses and teaching style! 100% of students say they would take his courses again, even with the challenging exams. Students are especially happy with the pace of his lectures and the way he is available to give students help outside of class. Math can be dry, but his sarcasm and humour seem to make it more enjoyable according to students. If you end up with Professor Hagan, be sure to reach him at office hours if you’re struggling!

4. Albert Wei, Computer Science Department

Top Tags: Amazing Lectures, Hilarious, Inspirational, Respected, Skip Class? You Won’t Pass

Rated Courses: Comp 2510, Comp 2511, Comp 3512

Professor Wei has an overall quality rating of 4/5. Some students like his pointed teaching style, which can put students in their place sometimes. Others find his humour funny and enjoy how he teaches and laughs. 72% of students would take his class again, and his level of difficulty is a 2.9. His teaching style seems to be full of criticism geared to help you learn. For example, this could look like asking you questions until you can answer them. He’s pretty available by email and although it takes a while to wrap your head around the coding, students say he’s very knowledgeable and helpful!

5. John Paul Manianis, Business Department

Top Tags: Inspirational, Group Projects, Clear Grading Criteria, Gives Good Feedback, Respected

Rated Courses: OPMT 1191

Students really like Professor Manianis for his teaching as well as his personality. He brings real-world examples to class and seems to care about his students. His overall quality rating is a 5/5, 100% of students say they would take his courses again, and the level of difficulty is 2.4, putting his courses at middle difficulty. Students also say he can give some great advice on job interviews and how to negotiate professionally. He is seen as both a professor and a great mentor, so if you’re looking for a great business connection, his course might be for you!

This isn’t all of the top profs at BCIT, so don’t be concerned if you don’t see a prof in your faculty or program. Give the Rate My Prof website a look through and make use of the search feature if you’re looking for someone specific. Remember that someone else’s favourite prof could be your least favourite, and vice versa. Read about their teaching style and course and see if it’s a great fit for you!

Published on September 2, 2021

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