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One of the biggest perks of studying at a large university is the variety of unique courses. Post Secondary is about a journey of self-discovery, and taking a variety of university classes can help an individual discover their strengths and weaknesses. The University of British Columbia encourages every student to take electives that fall outside their major requirements and peaks interest. Taking different classes outside your major also allows you to encounter a more diverse range of interests outside your intended field of study. From the Asian Studies program to the Food, Health, and Nutrition program, there are several fascinating courses ideal for any student. 

ASIA327: Korean Popular Music in Context

K-pop fans, are you ready to learn about BTS in a lecture hall? ASIA327 teaches the evolution of Korean music and how changes in musical tastes and lyrics reflect economic, cultural, and social shifts within Korean society. In order to understand various genres within Korean popular music, the class constantly adopts music videos, documentaries, and research articles to facilitate discussions and encourage student analysis. While no prior knowledge of Korean popular music is required, students will be required to complete the courses with the submissions of a K-pop dance cover video.

If you are interested, check out this website for more information from the course’s 2018 syllabus!

CLST105: Greek and Roman Mythology

CLST105 explores and analyzes the significance of Greek and Roman mythology in contemporary storytelling. Students are taught how to interpret texts and theories across English-translated ancient texts. Not only do students acquire knowledge in ancient myths across contemporary films and other multimedia formats, but they can also develop academic interpretation, reading, and writing transferable skills. 

If you are interested, check out the Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies’s website for more information!

CRWR213: Introduction to Writing for the New Media

Today, we live in a technology-dominated society, in which social media and the Internet are new platforms to spread and acquire information. CRWR213 explores storytelling potential and limitations across various new media forms, including Instagram posts and Snapchat stories. Students will learn how to cultivate creative writing practices, the duality between a writer and digital citizens, and the cultural ramifications surrounding the new media landscape.

ECON318: History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith

A philosophical reflection on economic theories can break down the complexity of the subject and achieve a better understanding of economics’ relevance to the economic system and social justice. With a focus on the problems of economic growth, value, and distribution, students will garner a philosophical outlook on classic economic theories. 

If you are interested in this course or similar courses, check out this website for more information!

EOSC118: Earth’s Treasures: Gold and Gems

EOSC118 outlines the origin, properties, and geologies of precious metals and gems, including platinum, diamonds, rubies, and gold. Students will learn new research in the study of mineral exploration and the significance of colored gems through analysis of the purchase of valuable jewelry from luxurious brands. EOSC118 is an online course; therefore, students can maximize and learn course content depending on their time preferences. 

If you are interested, check out the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science’s website for more information!

FNH330/335: Introduction to Wine Science 1 and 2

Being known as one of the most distinct courses at UBC, FNH330/335 teaches principles of wine microbiology, classificzation of wines, health impacts of wine consumption, and much more. Students are required to utilize these new theories in lab experiments incorporating wine of various kinds. Yes, this does include tasting wines from around the world!

If you are interested, check out this website for more information!

INFO250: Networks, Crowds, and Communities

UBC’s School of Information’s INFO250 is popular among media students for its content on network concepts and exploration of knowledge production and social media’s connection to real-world environments. By conceptually understanding social network analysis relating to media studies, students are equipped with the first steps in pursuing a career as an information architect, UX designer, and much more! 

If you are interested in this course or similar courses, check out this website for more information!

SOCI352: Organization of Work

Are you interested in understanding the fundamental balance between work and leisure? SOCI352 teaches properties of work organization and how the division of labor impacts social industries, households, and gender roles. Students are tasked to research how the meaning of work has changed across historical periods through real-life business and societal case studies. 

If you are interested in this course or similar courses, check out this website for more information!

Published on August 31, 2021

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