Top Traditions At University of New Brunswick

Nearly every residence at UNB has their very own institutionally recognized tradition. Some of which are absurd, while others are seemingly typical — although all contribute to a unique, fun-filled student experience. Below are some of UNB’s most sought after housing traditions.

 Beginning with Aitken House, the residence in which hosts the most anticipated campus event of the year — the Club Med Social. Every November students fill the basement of Aitken with truck loads of sand, creating an in-campus beach party! Another unique tradition, the Great Pumpkin Sacrifice — is carried out by residents in Harrison House. Each October students carve a gigantic pumpkin, where it is blessed on October 31st at the Joy W Kidd House. The pumpkin is brought back, and sacrificially dropped from the roof of Harrison. The event is meant to represent the “Academic Harvest,” and to ensure academic success amongst students. The Annual Bed Push — another distinctive tradition, is infiltrated by students at the Neville/Jones House. The event began in 1992 in support of a local Fredericton charity — the Women in Transition House. A campus bed was pushed a total of one-hundred and twenty kilometres, from the Saint John campus, all the way to the Fredericton campus. This tradition still stands, although as of 2010, the route was changed to one-hundred and twenty kilometers around the BMO soccer field located on UNB’s Fredericton campus. This is equivalent to nearly three-hundred and forty-two laps around the field!

Dining Traditions

Every year UNB’s Sodexo Dining Services host a variety of Residence Dining Traditions. Staff are always looking for ways to spice up the student dining experience — whether it be a seasonal celebration, a holiday, or yearly highlights, all students, on or off campus, are welcome to join in on the festivities!

Students are reminded to keep an eye out for numerous dining specialties throughout the year. Some of which include; first Semester Favourites, Christmas Buffet, Thanksgiving Buffet, Super Bowl Tailgate Party, Chinese New Year, Easter Buffet, Halloween Dinner, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Concessions Night, Earth Day Celebration, and Field to Fork. As you can see, UNB takes up every opportunity possible in efforts to enhance the overall student experience!

Not to mention, each month dining services celebrate those whose birthday falls within that month. Whether students reside at UNB, or off Campus, everyone is included! Students are encouraged to come Into the dining hall for a slice of Birthday Cake, as well as present a valid photo ID to be entered into a draw for some Birthday Swag! 

The Red ’n’ Black Revue

The Red ‘n’ Black Revue first began in March, 1948 as a senior class project. With exception to two years, the much anticipated variety show has taken place every year up until 2011, entertaining large audiences consisting of students, faculty, staff, parents and members of the community. The Red ’n’ Black Revue has secured its spot as the longest running show in New Brunswick, and was named by New Brunswick’s local paper — “the most ambitious attempt in the theatrical line ever made by the University students.” 

The program, as it has every year, included the talents of any student brave enough to take the stage, many of which included actors, singers, musicians, comedians, satirists and occasionally, acrobats. The 1948 original featured a number of acts that have become Red ’n’ Black traditions, such as the kickline — an octette of well-trained female dancers. The show began attracting participants with professional show business potential, such as the famous Canadian singer, Anne Murray, who claims such place is where she discovered her true singing ability.

At UNB’s millennial alumni reunion in 2000, another revival packed the Aitken University Centre with a sold-out crowd of more than 2,400 enthusiastic fans.

Published on August 23, 2021

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