Top Clubs/Organizations To Join At Dalhousie University

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Being a student comes with its challenges. There’s homework, attending lectures, family, and much more to balance. However, joining student clubs at Dalhousie University can not only provide a break from taxing activities but also provide leadership and other relevant career experience. So why not join a student organization, make some friends, take a break from academics, and also add to your resume?  

At Dalhousie University they offer hundreds of clubs, organizations, or student associations to their students so you can find something that you’re interested in. Below is a list of clubs and organizations which you may be interested in joining. 


Interested in building your leadership skills and volunteering for an initiative you are passionate about all while having fun? This is the place you want to start. DALConnects engages every student who joins in leadership workshops, retreats, and conferences (for free!). Students must also complete 20 volunteer hours with an organization to fulfill the program requirements. At the end of the program, students are equipped with valuable work experience,  knowledge, and amazing stories to share.

Loaded Ladle

Food is an important part of human survival. However, healthy and culturally appropriate food isn’t a luxury many can afford. If you want to help others, consider volunteering with Loaded Ladle. They work towards providing accessible, sustainable, and locally sourced free food on campus. In addition, they also host events and activities which examine the barriers to food security, food sovereignty, and food justice. 

Loaded Ladle

Phoenix Youth 

On the theme of volunteering and helping others, Phoenix Youth at Dalhousie raises money for the parent organization (Phoenix Youth). This organization provides housing support and therapy to youth and raises awareness about the various issues that disadvantaged youth face. Dalhousie students will be involved in brainstorming ideas for fundraising events and executing them.

Program Specific Society 

Finding other students in your program to connect with can be difficult. What if they don’t share the same interests with you or aren’t looking for a friend? Well, you can put those worries to ease by joining a Program-Specific Society. This varies by individual, but, every program at Dalhousie has a society for that program. Maybe you’re in Geology. Then join the Dawson Geology Club. Maybe you’re interested in a future in law, then the Dalhousie Association of Law Justice and Society Students is the society for you. If you wish to know more about the academic societies at Dalhousie you can check them out at


Interested in tennis, hockey, soccer, and volleyball? Have you never played a game of dodgeball in your life but you would like to try? No better place than the Intramurals at Dalhousie University. These allow students to play sports while staying active and making friends. The sports currently offered are basketball, curling, dodgeball, esports, hockey, soccer, water polo, rock climbing, softball, squash, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.  You can find out more at

Dalhousie Amateur Photography Society (DAPS) 

The world around us has so much to tell and photography is an amazing way to capture those stories and share them with others. Regardless of your skill level with a camera, Dalhousie’s Photography Society is an excellent way to collaborate with others and further your knowledge in photography. This society also incorporates photojournalism by encouraging its members to both photograph and write about a weekly topic.  

Interested in finding out more? Take a look at their Instagram

Dalhousie Photography Society (@dalhousiephotosociety) | Instagram

BONUS: Dalhousie University has many fraternities and sororities which are well-established in the Halifax Community. However, none of these societies are officially recognized as Dalhousie student societies.


There are tons of organizations, clubs, and societies to join at Dalhousie University, you just need to look for them. Thankfully, they’re all out for display and never too hard to find.

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Published on August 17, 2021

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