Navigating Ryerson Online as a First-Year Student

By Raven Wilkinson

4 online resources you’ll need as you navigate Ryerson online this year.

The Ryerson Library Database

Access this page HERE.

If you’re entering your first year, you may be wondering how to best complete assignments and projects beyond Google Scholar or external resources. I believe university library databases are the most valuable resources. You’re able to refine your searches, access several types of content, and benefit from its citation generator. Although you should always double-check the formatting! Additionally, Ryerson has a “Chat with a Librarian” function. This is an “online service that connects students, faculty, and researchers from participating institutions with real-time research assistance.” So you’ll be able to speak with a real person even if you’re unable to see them face-to-face.

Ryerson Office of the Registrar/ServiceHub

Access this page HERE.

In addition to program-specific information, there are a bunch of new processes, documents, and of course, questions, that come with starting university. That’s where the Ryerson ServiceHub comes in. The ServiceHub is your one-stop-shop for all your undergrad admissions and registration needs. This includes submission and pick-up of documents, RAMSS support, and OSAP advice. With in-person services unavailable until further notice, look through the website to get an idea of what they provide. Join a webinar or two! And if you need to contact the team, do so early in the morning (like, right when lines are open). That said, remember that this is a strange time and long wait times are normal. Be kind!

Ryerson Student Affairs

Access this page HERE.

The Student Affairs page provides TONS of info and resources for navigating Ryerson online. With details on counseling, health and wellbeing support, housing and residence, mentoring, and much more, you’ll find almost everything on this page. While the school year will look different than those before it, there are ways to gain support so you have a successful and enjoyable year. 

Social Media

ryerson online social media

We can’t underestimate the power of social media–especially during this time–which is why it is included on this list. Follow key Ryerson accounts (@RyersonU, @WhyRyerson, @RUServiceHub, @RUSTudentLife) for real-time changes, updates, and opportunities. You may also get a quicker reply by engaging with these accounts or seeing if they have responded to similar questions. 

You will be experiencing something that most of us didn’t expect in our lifetime, so don’t panic. Do the best you can and take advantage of the resources available to make this year as smooth as possible. I’m rooting for you!

Published on December 2, 2020

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