Best Places To Study at The University of Windsor

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some of these spaces and services may be closed. Please check in with the University of Windsor to see if they are open.

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The University of Windsor offers a variety of places to study! Based on what works best for you, there are on-campus and off-campus options, as well as individual study and group study. In my four years at the University of Windsor, here are the best study places I’ve found!

Leddy Library

It may seem an obvious place, but Leddy Library has a variety of environments for studying. Each floor has different requirements, ranging from quiet to group. There are individual desks and large tables for group study. Every floor of Leddy offers something unique, depending on your current mood or who you’re working with. Study rooms are available to rent if you need absolute peace and quiet during exam season. The main floor has a large computer area with printers and copiers for printing out study guides. Plus, there are stationary “study bikes” if you need to expel energy while looking through your notes.

Also, on the main floor, the Brown and Gold Café offers fresh coffee and snacks so you can power through a long study session. The new Student Research Collaboratory area offers areas for group and individual study, as well as video conferencing and a digital presentation area. Overall, Leddy Library offers options for any type of studier in any season.

CAW Student Centre

The Student Centre is a popular area for quick study sessions, either alone or with friends. Since it’s connected to the main food area (including a self-serve Tim Hortons where you can add as much sugar to your coffee as you want without judgment), it’s a great spot to study. This area can get loud, especially during the lunch rush, so if you prefer quiet, the area at the back is isolated for intense study sessions. If you study well with background noise and need easy access to snacks and drinks, the CAW Student Centre is a great place to study.

Green Bean Café

Located less than a block off campus, the Green Bean Café offers a hipster vibe with great vegan food and coffee, and occasional music sets from local bands. It’s a quiet spot if you need a change in scenery and want to try new food. In fact, I recommend their London Fog and a cookie or two for your study session!

Toldo Health Education Centre

The Toldo building is the main place for nursing and first-year students. It has large classrooms on the first floor and nursing labs on the second floor. Even so, it’s a great place for any Windsor students! There are comfy couches and a seating area located conveniently next to the Starbucks.

Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation

The main engineering building on campus is a popular study spot because of its cutting-edge architectural design. It’s an open concept and is another spot on campus where you can get Tim Hortons. The Centre’s floor-to-ceiling live wall, made entirely of plants, is a big attraction. So, if you want a good seat near the wall’s soothing water sounds, get there early.


Since Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada, we have the warmest temperatures in the country, making the university’s outdoor benches and seating areas prime study spots during the spring, summer, and fall. In addition, many outdoor benches have Wi-Fi.  The patio outside the CAW Centre is a common area for students to gather and study, with easy access to the centre for snacks and drinks. Also, our world-class riverfront is less than a 5-minute walk from the university. This includes spectacular views of the Detroit skyline, the Detroit River, and the Ambassador Bridge that connects Canada and the United States.  

Overall, the University of Windsor has many study spots that work during exam time. Take some time to explore the ones on this list and find your own. You might discover your new favourite on-campus location, and then you’ll have to write your own study spot list!

Published on October 16, 2020

About Devon Fraser

Devon Fraser is a History major at the University of Windsor who plans on obtaining her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences. She hopes to one day obtain her Ph.D. so then everyone has to call her “Dr.” In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing piano, and spending time with friends and family.