Healthy Eating at Ryerson on a Budget: Let’s ???? Bout It

By Samreen Maqsood
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Ah, university. The place where printing class lecture notes make a significant dent on your bank account. Where replacing stationary can cost your entire paycheck. Where money just seems to slip out of your hands and you can just watch and cry about it.

Ever heard the sayings, “university is a scam,” and “university is a business?” Well, it’s true and it applies to most, if not all, university students. So, with the costs of postsecondary education reaching the skies, the stress of (healthy) eating on campus tags along. 

The money, however, isn’t the only problem. Vegetables and university-bound students? Ha! What a joke. More like, junk food and university students (it’s your time to shine Twitter folks). 

That’s why I decided to make a little listicle of (trying to) eat healthy on a budget at Ryerson! If you’re struggling with eating healthy and want to maintain a (reasonable) budget, look no farther! Be warned, however, there are some very corny puns and bad jokes ahead! 

From our very own content creators at @whyryerson, Jeremy Tobing, a third-year mechatronics engineering student, recently tried a free sample of the new Athlete Bowl from Ryerson’s Hub Café. The price is even more unbelievable than how much you (actually) get for it ($7.79)!  Below is a picture posted on @whyryerson’s Instagram page: 

healthy food bowl

A food tip given by a lovely fellow Instagram follower, @amerna.a, was the app Ritual. Ameena Naqvi, a first-year occupational health and safety student at Ryerson, said that with the ritual app, it gives you $1 lunches near campus at different restaurants.  

 “I got a big smoke burger for $1,” said Naqvi.

Not bad at all, especially considering the fact that their cheapest burger, the fresh gourmet burgers, starts at $9.20, going all the way up to $13.80… Yeah, so not exactly pocket-friendly… But one dollar for a burger? Sign me up, please!

In a lisiticle done by blogTO, they mentioned five cheap eats near Ryerson. My favourite is Pita Land (yeah, looks as dreamy as it sounds too). Pita Land is located at 102 Gerrard St. East and is the ideal place for Ryerson students after a night out. 

This place is known for its shawarmas and falafels, which start at $4.99 plus tax, so it’s super pocket-friendly. Plus, you won’t be missing out on your daily vegetable intake either, as you can customize what veggies you want inside, sauces, and all that fun stuff. Their food will make you fala-fell for them! (wink, wink). 

healthy eats near ryerson pita land

The next healthy eats near Ryerson is Salad King. It’s located at 340 Yonge Street and it specializes in Thai food. If you go to their website, they have a discount for Ryerson students. Showing valid student I.D. can get you 20% off your (entire) meal (every) Monday to Friday from 2-5 p.m. 

From soups and sides to a whole selection of vegan-friendly food, it doesn’t get any better! The price isn’t too bad either. With soups starting at $4, sides starting at $4.80, and veggie options and main meals ranging from between $11 to $12.75 being the most expensive thing on the entire menu! Haters gonna hate (because ew, teenagers and veggies? Never!), but we do not carrot at all. 😉

You can’t get any cheaper (or healthier) than that, and Salad King, we’re rooting for you (haha, get it).

The last healthy and cheap recommendation is the classic Basil Box, located at 351 Yonge Street. This is by far the healthiest option with a side of fun! You get to customize and build your own little box! 

Starting off with your pick of whatever vegetables you want to add, you then get to pick your protein. A choice of chicken, steak, (curry) tofu, and shrimp. The next step is a bit saucy… Ranging from tamarind, peanut, sriracha, and chili lime, you have a lot of options to choose from. Last, but definitely not least, you have the option of topping off your box with veggies, sesame seeds, fresh herbs, peanuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, or Thai chilies. Wow, talk about a select variety!

There are also extras available from soups, rice parfaits, trail mixes, and so much more! The boxes start at $11.25, so it’s really not that bad at all. Lettuce celebrate with great food for getting through another semester!

Finally, that’s the end of this post (and bad jokes) folks! Stay tuned for more content (probably more food for thought. Ha! Okay, last one)… Eat healthily, save money, and ace those midterms. We’re almost there! 

Published on January 3, 2020

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