If you’re looking at one of the most competitive schools in Canada for engineering, then you’re probably concerned about your chances of being accepted. The University of Waterloo requires a high average, an admission information form, and an adjustment factor. So, will you actually get in? 

Most students who wish to study engineering find themselves asking this question. It’s hard to answer because Waterloo bases this decision on your grades along with your answers on the AIF (admission information form). Therefore, there isn’t an “absolute” cutoff since these factors vary from year to year. 

What is the Admission Information Form?

The AIF helps Waterloo’s admissions team learn more about you through short answer questions online. This is written and submitted after you apply for admission. Some example questions include:

Your AIF is an opportunity to tell the school about yourself and any extracurricular activities you participate in. Use this chance to brag a bit. After all, it’s encouraged! Additionally, you may explain any circumstances that affected your grades along with anything you would like taken into consideration while they review your admission averages. 

If you’re looking for Waterloo’s 2019 admission averages, here they are:

Biomedical and Software

Grade Range and Probability of Receiving an Offer:

  • 85% – 89% = 2% chance of acceptance
  • 90% – 94% = 10% chance of acceptance 
  • 95% or higher = 50% chance of acceptance

Architectural, Civil, Chemical, Geological, Environmental, Nanotechnology, and Management

Grade Range and Probability of Receiving an Offer:

  • 85% – 89% = 45% chance of acceptance
  • 90% – 94% = 85% chance of acceptance
  • 95% or higher = 95% chance of acceptance

Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Mechatronics, and Systems Design

Grade Range and Probability of Receiving an Offer:

  • 85% – 89% = 5% chance of acceptance
  • 90% – 94% = 45% chance of acceptance
  • 95% or higher = 85% chance of acceptance

Graph source: https://theroadtoengineering.com/2018/09/06/chances-of-admission-for-fall-2019/ 

This admission average is based on your required courses and a top Grade 12 course. Basically, you need to be within this grade range to be considered by the University of Waterloo. The higher your average means the higher your chances of acceptance, especially if you’re sitting in the upper 90s range. For more information on Waterloo’s admission averages, visit their website before you apply. 

The Verdict

It’s not impossible. Even if you’re sitting at a high 80 average, you have a chance of getting into Waterloo. However, your chances only get better the higher you are in the 90s, so strive to do your very best! It doesn’t hurt to get involved with extracurriculars too!

Published on September 2, 2019

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