For all my Ryerson students out there, I believe we all mutually agree that Kerr Hall is a maze when you first learn how to navigate around it. Coming into the building from the wrong entrance can leave you circling around for quite a while. At that point, the ten minute grace period that we get before the start of class is not enough to make it on time for that 9 am lecture. Not to mention, this can be way more stressful for a first year student figuring out their first few trips around campus. So here is a quick guide on how to get familiar with Kerr Hall based on my experience as a 4th year Ryerson student, and here is a map for reference:

1. Enter Kerr Hall Through SLC

The Ryerson Student Learning Centre is connected to Kerr Hall, which makes it a little easier entering the building. Your journey from SLC to Kerr Hall consists of passing through the connecting path in the Library building. Through this path, you enter the building on the side of Kerr Hall South and West, which is useful for classes located both ways. As a matter of fact, entering through the Library building allows you to walk straight through Kerr Hall South and directs you to the bridge connecting Kerr Hall and the Rogers Communication Centre. Yes it’s that simple!

2. Enter Kerr Hall East Through The Quad

From my experience, I have found it easier entering Kerr Hall East through the Ryerson Quad. Some areas of Kerr Hall can be easier to navigate if you are entering from outside and avoid getting lost inside. To get yourself on time to a class located in Kerr Hall East, a simple route starts with entering into the Quad from Gould Street and then simply making a right to walk towards the entrance to Kerr Hall East. The reason I suggest this is that it can be easier to navigate using the signs located right next to the entrance doors instead of getting confused by the signs or maps inside the building. 

One last thing to mention is it also easy to make your way to Kerr Hall North just by walking around the Quad. If you check out the map linked above, Kerr Hall is one big square! If you continue walking past KHW or KHE, you will get to KHN. 

3. Use The Colder Seasons To Memorize Your Routes

Ryerson can get pretty cold during the late fall and winter season. However, the good news is that there are indoor paths you can take on campus to avoid walking to your class in chilly weather. As mentioned earlier, you can walk through Kerr Hall to get to the Rogers Communication Centre and the Student Learning Centre. Use the cold seasons to walk through Kerr Hall as an indoor path to help yourself become more familiar with it. It is a great opportunity!

4. An Extra Tip

Some extra advice for finding your way around Kerr Hall is looking out for specific rooms that help you remember what side you are on. For example, if you have to memorize the location of a room located on the second floor of Kerr Hall East, you might be able to use the Media Services room as a reference point of where you are. I definitely found that useful when finding two of my classes located within that area. 

Now that you have read these tips, take the time to find your own routes around campus that YOU find efficient. If you are a first year student, you still have quite a bit of time to get comfortable and explore your surroundings. The city is big and overwhelming and we all know Kerr Hall is even more! Use your time wisely and take this opportunity to build a superior sense of direction!

Published on September 2, 2019

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