As an international student, it may be difficult to narrow down your choice of study at a university you haven’t visited before. For international students who are considering McGill University, there are a ton of opportunities! 

Firstly, McGill is considered Canada’s most international university where students enjoy their thriving community. Secondly, “McGill has the highest percentage of international students among Canada’s top research universities, faculty members coming from across the world, and many dynamic international partnerships,” (McGill). On top of that, McGill offers loads of incredible programs!


McGill is considered one of Canada’s top three best universities for economics. With McGill’s Honours Economics program, students are equipped to handle the real world through training in statistical and mathematical skills. This training provides an option for more liberal education and these learnings may be coupled with other subject areas such as philosophy, geography, and history. Additionally, McGill offers an internship course through their economics program that is only open to qualifying students. 


McGill’s excellent reputation is highly recognized and respected around the world. Similarly, their engineering program offers real-world experience through field studies and internships, but a co-op study is not mandatory. Therefore, you have the option of taking it. In 2018, Maclean’s University Ranking placed McGill at number 1 in Canada.  

Environmental Sciences

McGill’s BSc degree ranks at number three. If you’re committed to environmental issues, choose from six majors to specialize in and build a foundation of fundamental and applied sciences with McGill! 


If you’re looking for flexible courses in business, McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management offers a ton of undergraduate and graduate programs in business. Any students enrolled in the program can choose from 13 concentrations, 12 majors, 4 honours, and 3 minors.  

In the end, McGill has plenty of appeal for international students. With leading programs in Business, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Economics, how could you go wrong?

Published on September 2, 2019

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