Ryerson University offers various accommodations to students attending the campus. Some of the accommodations include test accommodations, placement or practicum accommodations, financial assistance, student note-taking, student learning support, technology assistance, and the list goes on. Here is a breakdown of some of these accommodations and why they are useful:

1.Test Accommodations

A Ryerson student’s accommodation plan can include test accommodations for tests, quizzes, midterms, and final exams. Students with this accommodation have the option of writing a test in the Test Centre. For online tests, you can also receive accommodation. They  must be written in the Test Centre unless you are permitted to write it off-campus. 

2. Student Note-Taking: RU Noted

RU Noted is a program available for students who need assistance with taking notes during lectures and classes. These students benefit off of other student volunteers’ notes. Student volunteers get paid $150 per course to attend classes and take notes, all while helping their peers stay updated on the material they need. 

3. Student Learning Support

This program offers learning support through individual help, group sessions, workshops, English language practice, math tutoring, writing assistant, etc. Some examples of workshops are “Study Skills and Transition Support” and “Writing Support”. Students also have access to a list of tutors ready to assist in learning various math subjects or computer science. 

4. Technology Assistance

The university provides assistive technology specialists that work with students in helping them use technology-based support. Academic accommodation support also offers eight computer workstations with adaptive software that can be used by AAS registered students. 

5. Placement or Practicum Accommodations

This accommodation is for students enrolled in a program that includes a placement or practicum as part of the curriculum. Accommodations are given based on one’s disability-related needs and involve the external organization or agency outside of Ryerson. It is important to reach out to your facilitator one semester in advance before you apply for your placement. 

For anyone in need of accommodations while attending university, Ryerson provides assistance in multiple areas in order to improve one’s learning experience. It is simple to reach out to Academic Accommodation Support if you have any questions or read the student handbook providing all the relevant information. 

Published on September 2, 2019

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