Why Ryerson University’s Law School Is The Next Big Addition To Toronto

Some of today’s largest tech startups call Canada home. Some in our city of Toronto specifically, such as tech giants Shopify, Google, Watt Pad, Microsoft and more. Not only does Toronto have these companies but also an innovative and diverse population that fuels these incubators. 

With a city so technologically inclined, it only makes sense that other professions would follow suit. Ryerson University’s Faculty of Law is merging the city’s technological landscape and Canada’s Legal Market. As lifestyles and habits become more innovative Ryerson Law recognizes that it needs to join the club. Here are the top reasons as to why Ryerson University’s Law School is the next big addition to Toronto. 

Lawyers for tomorrow.

The difference between Ryerson’s Law School and a traditional law school is the hands-on, real-world experience that Ryerson instills in its students. Ryerson recognizes the significance of tangible experience and has made that a focus for their students’ studies. Ryerson ensures its law students will expand on their real-world skills and connections by making a mandatory placement a step in the journey to graduation. This new approach also ensures that the legal services of tomorrow will maximize the opportunities that technology can bring to the table. Just think, How I Met Your Mother’s Marshall Eriksen knew all the tips and tricks and avoided working at Goliath National Bank for 5 years despite his dedicated, passion filled law studies.

A Community of Creators. 

Ryerson is historically known for its creativity. We have some of the countries leading tech hubs (shoutout to the DMZ) and the new faculty of law has been inspired by this. The legal system is changing and Ryerson plans to ensure that their future lawyers are informed on the power of all things tech. Students will learn how technology and current practice can be leveraged to deliver the highest quality of legal support to those in need. Ryerson has proven its dedication to its future law school by investing in cutting edge technology used in law such as WestlawNext Canada, LexisNexis Quicklaw, Clio, and more! We know trying to imagine this might be tough so we want you to think not so much criminal minds but rather big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. All factors that might have made Hotch’s job a heck of a lot quicker. 

Diving into Diversity.

With one of the most diverse pools of citizens, Toronto allows Ryerson University’s Law School to include all perspectives and backgrounds within legal discipline. Not only will Ryerson Lawyers be certified legally but they will also benefit from their own surroundings when studying. To ensure the diversity of Toronto is included and reflected within the Ryerson University Law School, applicants will be required to provide a written statement along with a video interview in their application. Once a student at Ryerson you will be able to explore some of the various unique law modules such as Indigenous Law in Canada and Social Innovation and the Law. Living in a city of neighbourhoods our Ryerson lawyers will be integrated with a variety of communities naturally making them some of the most diverse individuals in the field of law. 

With an innovation hub as large as Toronto, there is truly no better place to merge legal practice and forward-thinking. With a curriculum focused on changing patterns of learning and merging viewpoints of the profession, Ryerson’s law school will allow the lawyers of tomorrow to take traditional law and apply it to the innovative city we call home. For more info check out everything there is to know about Ryerson’s Faculty of Law.

Published on August 26, 2019

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